Check competitive electric power suppliers here! (what a joke - no competitors at all for residential)

Ski (pretty boring unless you are part of the industry).

not sure links - site may be down or they were good and i miss them

Ostrich on skis?

Weems Westfeldt has some good tips for how to take a lesson

World Media

Winter Parks Bob Barnes has some fundamental ski tips.  - i miss that

Bad links - these puppies were put here because they went bad.

Any Mountain Tours A DC based ski travel agent/tour operator. Good people! (did they get sold??)

Michel Pratte racing catalog. He's Canadian, eh?

Wintercream has a great beginners guide.(snowboard)

World Wide Sports has a bunch of deep discount no name boards, a few snow skates and a couple of ski boards. (asking for a password to get in - how stupid!) - on a lot of pages - 8/3/04 - give it time it's still cached on google

burton and the demo schedule is still there (this will tell you where and when you can demo Burton equipment).


Check out try-ski for a good tip lock product. - look for edgey wedgies instead

ski-cheap is a newsletter that lists deals for northeastern resorts. Their website shows sample pages from current issues. Find about deals without subscribing! (ski cheap newsletter) - gone gone gone

Scott Serfas has cool photos. 

Vid Book has a performance tips page - pretty basic stuff. They also have info about applying Tai Chi to skiing. And a ski specific exercise page. (from recent)

Vid Book has ski specific exercises. The Rusty would personally recommend other stuff to focus on, but these won't hurt. (broken (10/28)

Outdoor Pro Link is a buying club for full time pros. Membership is free for now and vendors are somewhat limited (9 clothing and gear vendors). Discounts are around 45% off retail.

Rusty likes the Coloradoskiing site (plus they have last minute package deals!)

Asimba has skiing and snowboarding fitness programs (use the select a sport button) but you need to sign up (if you do sign up, please mention as a referrer)

Blankboard has some no name boards at low prices (thin selection).

Dr. Koop 12/23

Jeff's ski tips 12/23/02

Powder ski tips links at the virtual ski school (bad link as of 12/23/02)

Ski Tips online ski school (lots and lots of tips here) (temp unavailable 10/29/2002) retired 12/23/02

Ski station (no online purchasing, but they do have Burton boards and prices!).

Blue Compass wants to expand from their Colorado roots.

David Benedek has videos and composite stills (but close the video windows or they will hang your PC).

FairFax Surf Shop (has new and used snowboards).

Colorado Firstrax has a good beacon review.

Rusty loves  "snow cat"; (travel and hire)

Parachutes are fun, inc. - local DC

The vertical wind tunnel home page has the most comprehensive list of tunnels. They have a good links page too



Snowblown has got all the tricks and beginner help

Ski School Net is yet another site to find instructors (use the pull down menu to find the mountain you are interested in) that also has a technical room with some ski tips (site gone as of 10/29 check)

You got to be a nut to try a Sno-Bike. - looks like popular in Europe.

Snow sports resource is a joint site sponsored by major ski industry groups (check out their new trends and resource guide sections). looks like it was taken down - was created in 1998.

Throttlebox has ski and snowboard videos, but you need to download the viewer and you need a high speed connection. is dead

Lots of tips at the snow zone ski clinic