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San Diego golf!
The Dilly in Chantilly is September 25-27.
New Links
Stop the Maryland speed cameras!
2008 Snow Pro Jam notes
Eye test. 
Make a picture speak - thanks Bud 
South Park fans - create your own South Park character
Aunt Barbara - this one is for you
Crossword puzzle helper
See the Space Station with your naked eyes! Click on the "start java applet" button  but be patient, it's real slow!
Choose an alternative electric supplier in Maryland someday through this site, but not much choice yet.
Translate foreign languages here.
Rusty works for a phone company but recommends this link to compare service.
Whitetail news!  
Whitetail Ski Pro News has moved to a private area. Please contact The Rusty for access. Ski Pros - check out the "public pro page".
This is a cool spyware resource site
A better gas price comparison page from MSN.
Rusty's GOLF page is under construction.
Rusty's Killington Gallery is online (ok - it's really John Costello's pics). Check out Rusty's other galleries for ski, golf, San Diego and other pics. 
Locate local businesses at Switchboard. This is a great way to get directions to local businesses.
TimeandDate.com - solves the time zone problem
Sidestep is a new search engine for finding travel deals. You need to download software for this.
The daily feed - radio satire (B grade humor, but it grows on you)
Online learning for a variety of subjects. The price is right (it's free). Or try How Stuff Works
Google is a great search engine. It works by ranking sites by how many times they are linked. So put a link to TheRusty on your site! The index for the site search above is refreshed once per month.
98 Rocks! Listen to WIYY online. They have good twisted tunes. Rusty likes the Donald clip.
File a better business bureau complaint. Also, bbbonline.
Washington DC Metro schedules - the trains run till 2AM on the weekends!
Party Works is a cool outfit that has all sorts of fancy games for parties/events. They've got all the cool stuff and for $500-750 you can really juice up your party or event. Or try these regional links: Portland, Vancouver
Check for airport delays at this FAA site. Maryland MVA - renew your registration over the web! Rusty says this whoops butt over standing in line.
Are people sending you a ton of Internet crap? You can use the following links or just send the newbies to these sites to check the stories out:
Check on viruses and hoaxes via the DOE Cyber Incident Response Capability Check hoaxes here!
Urban Legends. Another urban legends site.
Consumer reports on steroids? Digital Camera resource page.
Rusty's not fond of squirrels. Feed the birds. not the rodents. Rusty recommends Squirrel Away
Presenceworks has a cool email signature technology that hooks up to instant messaging.

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