Rusty's Killington Gallery

John Costello took these pics at the 2002 Snow Pro Jam at Killington, VT 

Let's start at the top

Emily Gregg's group

Outer Limits

They must be pros - they're all lined up

Great pic John, but I'm getting dizzy

The slopes were not crowded.

Eye test - what's the difference?

We had a lot of snow to ski on.

And this is how you do a straight run.

The start for the Chinese downhill!

Liane, Ana, Wirt and Emily

Hi Scott!

Who are these people?

And did John get their phone numbers?

Greg Milstein and DeWayne Keener at the banquet.

No you can't have any champagne, the guys with  the balloon hats drank it all

The best dressed table at the banquet.

Ok, who let Elvis in?

Whitetail people everywhere!

John says look - if I wind Emily up she can teach all week 

Rusty giving the Dirty Mind quiz.

Kara said "If Rusty tells 1 more bad joke, I'm gonna drench him!"

Arleta the condo organizer enjoys her party.

Arleta and Chef Liane.

Why is Wirt sitting?

Is it cold in here or what?

Jack goes after the appetizers.

Somebody's had way too much to drink (John).

Debbie and Andy with smiles.

Debbie tells Hank: If you'd come to Whitetail during the week, you'd actually get to ski.

Emily and DeWayne

John Helldorfer had the best sweater.

DeWayne makes a move on Ana.

Dawn Lindhurst is from Bryce.

Dawn and Tom

Dawn and Kristen Cooper

Hey buddy...

Can you turn that coat off?

We drank a lot of booze

Must of been serious.

Arleta says: The ancient history outfit competition is on Wednesday

Jack wishes his race outfit had suspenders that cool.

O my god - an empty chair. It must of been early.

Tom says: You're both standing on my toes

Ana makes the moves on Tom.

Tom brags to Pete

Pete plots revenge.

Pete says revenge is sweet.

Jack, Emily and Kathy

Kathy describes the size of her new skis

Kathy goes to the dentist once per week.

Enough of Kathy ok?

Get your hands off me you masher

Man, Kathy's in all the pics!

Janet Farrell and Wirt's wife

The second take was much better

Jack finally finds something useful to do.

Copyright 2002 
Rusty Carr 
All Rights Reserved

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