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Rusty's fav courses


Worthington Manor
Little Bennett 
Hope Valley
Rusty shops for golf stuff online at Rock Bottom Golf, The Golf Warehouse and Golfsmith is a great way to search for courses to play
Golf jokes
Robin Williams on golf is addictive. Watch the cable channel, enter the contests online.
Want to know the rules for Equitable Stroke Control (for handicaps)?
BirdieBall is a really cool limited flight golf ball.
Rusty uses Medicus swing training clubs. 
Rusty recommends Mike Bednarcik for custom club fitting
Rusty uses a Positive putter. It's not face balanced - it's pendulum balanced!
Would you buy a used golf club? Maybe sell one at golf club exchange
Mdgolf has a good quick listing of courses in MD. Click on the course locator.
Tee times = Pennsylvania; Virginia. Click a Tee Time charges a small fee for their discounts.
$18 for a coupon book? 91 courses in the DC area
Free online handicaps: golf digest. Rusty uses Golfin Amigo's for his online handicap. It has local courses, but some of the slope/ratings are a bit off.
Golf comics!
Giant wasps on the golf course are called Cicada Killers. They rarely sting humans, despite their territorial buzzing.
Rusty uses a Sky Caddie GPS, but check out this much cheaper golf GPS app for the iPhone
travel caddie

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Little Bennett is a cool place to golf 
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