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Indoor Skydiving
You've got to try this to believe it!

Indoor Skydiving is flying in a vertical wind tunnel. Most people just try it out like an amusement ride. Some of us crazy people do this as a sport or as a way to practice skydiving skills. The tunnel is a 60 foot tall cylinder that contains an airplane propeller in the bottom and a 21 foot tall by 20 foot diameter flying zone that is surrounded by trampoline style safety netting at the top and bottom. Of course, the walls are padded. There's a also a 3 foot tall and 3 foot wide pillow around the bottom edge. The propeller generates a vertical wind up to 120 MPH, adjusted to your skill and body weight. Flyers wear a flying "suit" to help make it easier to fly. Positioning your body flat against the wind stream will allow you to float or "fly" without any support. When you are flying you can go up or down, turn right or left or do tricks depending on your level of flying skill.

Safety and the dangers involved

Please remember that flying can be dangerous. There has never been a fatality at a Flyaway operation, but there have been some broken bones. You (or a parent or guardian if you are under 18) are required to sign a liability release before you fly. Safety is the number one priority at Flyaway (having fun is number two).
  Weight limits (pounds)
  Minimum Less than 6' tall   >6' tall
Males 40 220   230
    <5'6" tall <6' tall >6' tall
Females 40 160 180 200
Training classes start every half hour and are 30 minutes long. In your training class you will watch a video that explains the basic principles of flying, the safety procedures and the signals that your instructor will use while you are in the tunnel. You will get a chance to practice the basic "arch" position while lying on bench. And you will sign the waiver. Parents or guardian's must accompany minors through the training session.  
  What your first time will be like
Your first trip to Flyaway will take about 60-90 minutes to complete. After a 1/2 hour training session, you remove all loose items from your body (e.g. pocket change, loose jewelry), put on knee and elbow pads and get into a flying suit. After adding goggles, ear plugs and a helmet, you are ready to fly. Five flyers enter the tunnel at the same time with their instructor (who does not wear a flight suit). You each take turns flying in the tunnel with the help of your instructor who will hold you steady in the air stream and give you hand signals (it's very noisy in the tunnel) to help you fly better. Most of the time your instructor will be holding on to you to keep you in the wind stream, but you will have a few brief moments where you are flying on your own. The really good flyers will get up to 10 feet into the air on their first flight. When you are done, you'll have a huge grin on your face as you exit the tunnel, take off your flight equipment, put your shoes back on and pick up your video.
More Bodyflight Info Prices
BodyFlight.net has got great info about other wind tunnels worldwide! Prices at Pigeon Forge are:
$32 for your first flight
(for 15 minutes in the tunnel with a group of 5)

Price in Las Vegas are:
$75 for your first flight
(for 15 minutes in the tunnel with a group of 5)

Rusty recommends buying a second flight ticket. You'll fly much better your second time in. And when you go - tell them Rusty sent you!

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