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Dec 25 2008 Snow Pro Jam at Mount Snow, VT (ok I'm a little late). Ski Bikes! Online snowboard games! Props to Brad
Nov 26 Whitetail pics!
November 23 New Zealand's ski pro site; Allsport helmets has Bern and Smith Holt helmets. Golf page updates.
Sep 7 Updated Whitetail news for 2010-2011
Sep 1 New golf courses. Added Rock Bottom Golf to golf stores
August 26 CCS is a skateboard site that has some board gear (DC, Forum, Burton, Rome). Starting 2011 What's new for Whiteteail
August 12 Northern Escape heli skiing - WOW!
August 3 Click a Tee Time charges a small fee for their golfing discounts. Wilderness & Environmental Medicine Consensus Guidelines for Prevention and Treatment of Acute Altitude Sickness. The Dilly!
Feb 26 Skibonk is really cool. They have a map feature and a snow overlay on the map. Replaced CNN's ski report link with
February 11, 2010 Ski magazine has their tips online. The Blizzard gallery!
November 11 Added links for home snowmaking. Fixed links.
Sept 14 Decision Training?
September 9 OMG - it's been a while. The 2009 Advantage card calculator is up. 2009 Whitetail News! New San Diego pics are up in the SD gallery and the SD golf gallery. 2 new ski tips from the Rusty. Added some CA courses to this golf page.
April 26 Skiing at Whitetail in 90 degree temps! Updated some golf info. Added Suburban Sports to the buy links page.
April 17 Updated camp info
April 6 Taos Gallery!
Mar 21 Peek'n Gallery. Green ski wax? It sounds like a good idea.
Mar 12 Found Baltimore Ski Warehouse (Glen Burnie, MD). ShorelineofTahoe has a cool site, a ton of different brands and some cool prices too! 
Feb 12 Fixed Whitetail private pages. Updated indoor skydive links.
January 28 Kjus has impact clothing but it's not their website. Sessions has layering with armor in it (look for the layering page and models that start with D30). Deuter has a combo pack/hydration with armor in it.
January 20, 2009 A new pic of the week. Looking to rent skis? Skibutlers comes to your place to fit boots. Available in Tahoe, Colorado, Salt Lake, Jackson Hole and Whistler.
October 10 New avalanche info: Mt. Shasta Avalanche Center. Sierra Avalanche Center. Montana Avalanche Center Alpine skills has a lot of classes.
October 3, 2008 Try this mogul skiing guide. Rusty's 2008 advantage calculator. Try Arleta's travel agency.
September 17 Hmm - two updates in one year and yet people still come here. Colorado Boarder - buy from guys who ride ... and have a nice site. Help out a starving ski instructor - Cosby Travel Pro will work really hard to book your travel. Let Arleta do the leg work to save you money and get all the details taken care of.
November 12 Wow - I have been slacking! Added Patuxent to the golf page. Check out this site for 85,000+ snowboarding items from 30 web sites! Nice Japancese skiers making carved turns (ignore the text). Here's some info on snowboard injuries in general and snowboard wrist injuries.
June 8 Skiing and Snowboarding robots! Backyard terrain parks!
May 22 Killington - A forum for the beast of the East. Golf course updates
May 11 Added Newschoolers to the forum list.
April 15 A new tip from Rusty on alignment.
April 6 Aegix has some cool integrated clothing (pads integrated into the pants and jackets).
March 15 Tom Burt riding some extreme lines on a board.
March 12 Marco Hofstetter has a ton of pro mogul video clips (sites down now). A guide to Snowflakes! has some tips for beginner riders (see the topics) and a forum. Here's a new snowboard info site. The snowboard outreach society introduces at risk kids to riding. Another pic of the week. Some crazy extreme skiing competition footage.
February 13 Another pic of the week.
February 5 Finally, a new pic of the week (it's Rusty!)
has a popular forum for snowboarding discussions..
January 7 Bumpsforboomers teaches bumps and powder skiing exclusively to boomers, but Rusty says their strategies make sense for any intermediate skier. Roundtops' snowmaking article. Jess Hall has a good exam prep web site for ski instructors. wcsn has world cup race videos online
December 4 Equinox Outfitters has an Ebay store with good prices on kids skis. Alta has some nice pics. Fixed broken links.
November 22 Kiwis make some funny videos. Click thru to the YouTube channel. SnowVisuals has satellite photos of ski resorts. 2007 Rider Rally info has been posted. A new pic of the week.
November 14 Dogfunk has Burton gear! Mountainzone has a good story about avalanche awareness. Avalanche awareness and Alpine safety are groups dedicated to educating young people in mountain towns about avalanche risks. There's not much info on these sites, except for how to donate. They are focused on teaching kids in person. Updated Whitetail pro news (RIM meeting notes) in the private pro section (ask Rusty). Some people say Rusty spends too much time on his web site, but Yur Mountain clearly shows that there other people with way too much time on their hands. Fourth graders ski free in PA!
November 7 Future Snowboarding forum is  just getting started. You can lease your gear from Whitetail instead of renting. The Adaptive Sports Foundation (out of Windham) is the largest group on the East coast for skiers and riders serving >1300 student visits per year. A new pic of the week from Alison.
October 30 Here's a story about the Cranmore Skimobile from 1939! Eric Des Laurier has some expert tips on All Mountain Ski Pros. The Italian Ski Instructors have some great video clips. Snowboard mag has a ton of pics and a forum and even their whole magazine online in PDF format. Cool skier kid doing Terrain Park stuff. Updated Whitetail news and Whitetail pro news (private).
October 17 A new pic of the week. Sportskool has Bode Miller instructional videos (originally seen on demand at Comcast). Knee1 has knee related exercises, a ton of general info about knees and even skiing focused knee articles.
October 10 Here's a $1000 rope tow idea. Healthopedia has a simple write up on Acute Mountain Sickness - they recommend Gingko Biloba for prevention. Killington has a nice set of videos. A new pic of the week  
September 26 WT ski school updates (private area - contact Rusty)
Whistler/Blackcomb school has several videos. More videos on the ski tip page too.
A new pic of the week  
September 19 A new pic of the week - recognize it?
Snowboard Journal
has really high quality printing and cool pictures.
Frequency - the Snowboarder's Journal
is another high quality print mag.
The Aspect Journal has ski stories. Tailsaver is a foam pad approach to protecting your tailbone (good for beginner snowboarders!). Updated Whitetail Instructor private news. A nice race crash video on Youtube. Ohh and another one.
September 13 Found a site called - a pricing search engine for snowboards. Snow.TV is just getting started. They have tiny sized 5 minute videos of resorts throughout the world. Vertical snow has some nice winter weather info, some nice ski area stats and good news articles. Skiresorts guide has a nice map based interface for finding resorts.
August 25 Complete list of events where Snowtime will be discounting Advantage cards and Season Passes! Air Force variable tint goggles! Rusty's Advantage Calculator now supports night club cards and more!
August 21 A new pic of the week - extreme carving. Updated Whitetail news! The 2006-2007 prices and brochures are out. Ski posters! Focus productions has some Jackson Hole posters including one of Tommy Moe. Giant wasps on the golf course are called Cicada Killers. Version 1.0 of the 2006 Advantage calculator is now available! Here's a simple ski preseason fitness  program from Mt Hotham, AU
August 16 PA ski and ride is a forum about Pennsylvania skiing. Ski sale info
July 24 Off road skating? This is really insane summer skiing! Skitown does not have conditions, but it has the most resort descriptions of all the sites that Rusty has checked. Updated Whitetail news! A new pic of week from Timberline.
July 14 Ski-depot has brand name skis (Stockli, Elan, Fischer, Atomic, K2, Head) and sale prices on last year's gear. RaceWax has tuning tips and fast waxes.
June 22 A new pic of week from Lew. A new tip from Rusty about the falling leaf exercise.
June 6 Selkirk Experience has guided trips for the purists who like to walk uphill instead of fly. Alpine guides has some nice photos of Greenland skiing, but their blog format off the main page is tedious. A new Alps pic of the week from Lew.
May 23 A new ski tip for 180s and 360s. Fuel TV has snowboard and skiing shows. Added more business card info. A new ski tip from Rusty for performing 180s and 360s. A new pic of week from Lew.
May 14 Whitetail golf scramble photos. Flowboard is a skateboard that has 7 wheels side by side to provide a snowboard like experience.
May 11 Lots of old time ski posters! Found another hardbooter snowboard site. Updated my resume.
May 1 New Whitetail news rumors.
April 24 Link cleanup! Added more google ads. WinterFeelsGood has some more tips for beginners and some tips on how to choose an instructor. Calorie table for skiing and snowboarding. The Canadian Ski Instructor Association has some pro tips. Transworld has some snowboard videos.
April 18 Added links to videos of pivot slip and shuffle turn exercises. A new pic of the week - Mammoth tribute. What is waiststeering? Webshots has 300K photo pages for skiing - yikes! Mountain Getaway has "research info" on 36 "popular" resort destinations. Snowmaking 101 from Ratnik. Crested Butte Avalanche Center. Recco has an alternative avalanche location technology based on low cost reflectors built in to common ski clothing and equipment (e.g. boots, helmets) and using radar to detect buried victims. They have some avalanche safety info on their site. Scanned in the SnowTime volunteer brochure front page & back page. Added some more ads.
March 31 EHow has collaborative pages for how to ski moguls, trees, and powder. Teleboarding is snowboarding with telemark bindings. Check Solid Powder - for snowboard and freeride oriented video and yet another forum. Sportrx has tons of goggles and sunglasses for skiing and riding. Use the search by sport capability. Deb Armstrong has some ski tips on the Taos site. Trying to remember a great snow storm? Check out the digital snow museum. A book about ski instructor stories? Skitelevision has a lot of tips from Canadian Pro Rob Butler (click on personal performance tips on the left).
March 24 Speaking of new toys - here's the WindSki. It's like windsurfing on snow! Can inline skating help your skiing? Matt Small has ski and board pics. Microsoft Window's Live has an overhead view of Whitetail. Original gimp has info on adaptive snowboarding. Teach skiing in Spanish and Portuguese! Wikipedia's entries on skiing and snowboarding. Ski stats has statistical info for resorts including snowfall, lift stats, etc. Dry slopes list! Indoor slopes list. Batman?
March 20 Canadian Powder Skiing Adventures offers guided powder experiences based out of various Alberta and BC resorts. Snowheads - a UK based forum. Replay Video is a cool tool that lets you record streaming Internet video to your PC. This lets you work with the clip inside of your real MA tool (like V1) instead of jerking around with the pause button and the slider bar on the streaming video player. Kneeguru is a good UK site about knees. BomberOnline is another alpine snowboard carving community. Snowheads - a UK based forum. Added helmet cam info on the video equipment page.
March 14 Oops, I never published last year's Advantage calculator. Added a new forum link (First Tracks). Updated Whitetail ITC info. A new pic of the week from Snowbird. Check out Mica heli skiing! Multi function clothing has arrived. Check out the kenpo ipod jacket. Oakley's thump are sunglasses with a built in MP3 player.
March 10 2006 Rogan day clinic notes!

New avalanche info!
Another new avalanche safety device is ABS Escape. This is an airbag system that floats you to the top of the avalanche and helps to prevent burial. Klondike Heliskiing in Atlin/BC is the only heliski company which uses the ABS and offers it to their clients free of charge.

The US Forest Service runs an avalanche site that has an interactive tour.

Snowbomb has forums for Tahoe resorts. (sign up for their newsletter for chances for free Tahoe lift tickets and other deals)

March 9

Vail/BC ski schools has some nice demo footage of stuff from wedge turns to high level bump skiing. A new pic of the week from Snowbird. What level of skier or rider are you? Rusty uses Booster straps for a better ski boot fit. How to Build your own snowboard! Added Extreme Carving to the forums list.

February 25 Artech has more racing stuff and low prices! Race-Place is another racing store. Updated the business card story page.
February 23 A few snowboard Tricks on mountainzone.
February 22 Shape ski article for people who are returning to skiing.
February 6 The last pic of the week from the alps. Finally, a new tip from Rusty on balance.
January 19 James Niehues has drawn trail maps for more resorts than most people have skied.
January 17 New cat ski links. Added a bunch of ski museum links. A new pic of the week from the alps. Heated ski gloves!
January 9 Air Boards - these are already on the slopes at some ski resorts
January 5 The ESA weekend clinic notes!
January 2, 2006 Rider Rally info. Pro Jam clinics notes draft. A new pic of the week that is really disgusting.
December 21 A new pic of the week from the Alps! Draft clinic notes for the AASI-E mini academy.
Added a snow forums link page.
December 19 How about lift serviced Himalayan skiing? Here's a Thanksgiving (sort of) inspired video clip (gone). Ski Racing clips (it's in German, but just watch the clips)
November 17 Check out Darren Rahlves downhill run on the Red Bull copilot site. Pantheon is a new Canadian heli-ski operation that flies you in, but then you winter camp and hike from there. A new pic of the week of the hot tub at the Cliff Lodge
November 10 The Stone clinic has some good exercises 
November 3 Updated Whitetail news - NASTAR returns!
October 31 Alpine Accessories has a ton of stuff. Golf updates. The last pic of the week from Mammoth.
October 10 BirdieBall is a really cool limited flight golf ball. Rusty recommends Mike Bednarcik for custom golf club fitting.
September 30 Found a good list of heli ski operators
September 22 More Whitetail news
September 20 Fixed broken links.
September 9 Busy days at Whitetail. Updated Snowtime event schedule.
A new pic of the week from Mammoth.
August 8 More Whitetail News updates. Updated DC ski shop info - Ski Chalet is closed!
July 26 Get your discounted Ski Advantage cards at the following events.
Updated Whitetail news with ski school changes.
July 12 Cleaning up links.
July 7 Another new pic of the week from Chamomnix. Updated golf info.
Exciting Whitetail news!
June 7 freedomfactory makes adaptive products for handicapped skiers and riders.
May 29 Ski hoop - looks like another good idea for kids under 5.
May 22 Whitetail news for the 2006 season is starting to trickle in!
Another new pic of the week from Chamomnix.
Finally another new ski tip about ski socks.
May 10 Another new pic of the week from Chamomnix. Killed the conference board.
Here's a book with a 12 week ski fitness program.
Extreme carving photos
April 29 Playing with ads some more
April 25 Giving Google ads a try.
Steep and Cheap has just one deal, but it changes every day.
Ron LeMaster's work is mostly focused on racing, but he has some very interesting observations. Here's a presentation on current trends in alpine ski technique.
Another new pic of the week from Chamomnix.
April 22 Rumor has it that this is some kick ass sun tan lotion
This is an awesome upside snowboard rail trick
Here's a good set of are you fit for skiing tests
Banking too much? Try these exercises.
Want to open your own "resort"? Check out the resort boneyard for prices on used ski resort stuff from snowmakers to groomers to lifts.
The skiers journal had reviews of ski equipment.
April 18-19 Best Snow has a great independent site for checking for powder.
Another new pic of the week from Chamomnix.
Lydia and Chuck Roberts teach at Wilmot in Wisconsin. They have some tips for skiers and riders and instructors  (including a nice terrain park intro for skiers).
Ski Enthusiast has a well rounded tip list
For advanced skiers, this site advises you how to ski skeletally.
Weems Westfeldt had some good tips for how to take a lesson (gone now)
Skier/Snowboarder stats
April 11 Google Maps satellite view of Whitetail. 
Disabled Sports USA promotes participation in many sports for people of many disabilities. The national headquarters is based in Rockville, MD. They sponsor adaptive equipment used for skiing and snowboarding at many resorts nationwide and locally in the mid-Atlantic.
Mogul logic offers camps and has some online video lessons for bumps too!
Canadian ski instructors have some tips.
The high altitude medicine guide - Good stuff
Another new pic of the week from Chamomnix.
April 9 PisteHors is a Euro site with some great avalanche safety info.
Clinic notes from the Rider Rally
April 5 A new pic of the week from Chamomnix. 2005 Rider Rally Gallery posted.
March 22 Updated the private WT section with new Business Card info (ask Rusty for the secret)
March 21 Finally, a new tip from Rusty. Rusty's recommended foot doctor who make's orthotics for ski boots: Dr. Ben Pearl
March 4 Go with a Pro! This service let's you book trips with famous skiers and snowboarders.
A new pic of the week from Chamomnix. Taos has some tips from Deb Armstrong and some video tips too! Don't eat the yellow snow. This is disgusting.
February 17 Hospital stats from the Consumer Product Safety Commission about helmets.
Canadian helmet study concludes helmet use reduces risk of head injury by 20-50%
Swix has a how to do ski tuning site.
Added info the video analysis tips.
Check out this advice for buying boots and getting them fitted

A new pic of the week from Chamomnix

February 10 Make a picture speak - thanks Bud
The pedal hop turn for really steep slopes. Alpine Skills operates out of Donner Pass - good place to learn backcountry skills. Another pedal hop turn tip.
SnowandRock is a nice UK site that has skis and boards. Here's a pic of Rusty teaching.
February 7 A new pic of the week. Colorado ski history also tracks lost resorts. Hyak has lost ski areas from Washington state. More Colorado lost resortsSkiingHeritage is a magazine dedicated to guess what? BackCountry has a full line of skis and boards. They also have an associated site: steep and cheap that has 1 day only deals. Here's a description of a very unusual fitness program based on balance versus strength.
January 29 Michael Rogan 2005 clinic notes
January 25 SurfSkateSnow has info on tons of boards, but the buy links point mostly to Amazon as far as I can tell. Peter Glenn is a "outdoor adventure" chain. They have a good selection of brand name skis, boards and clothing. has skis and boards. Alpine Carver is dedicated to snowboard carving. They've got all sorts of info on gear, tips, news - you name it.
January 21 A new pic of the week. Here's a 12 week get ready for ski program. SkiSchoolWeb has a good listing of what level 1-9 are, but is otherwise a good example of 1/2 a web site. Craig McNeil is a Colorado based PMTS guy that has a well rounded web site with lots of tips. howtoski.netSkiing Heritage is a magazine for ski history. Here's a snowboard workout program. Snowbunny has snowboard gear for girls! Snowdvd is a DVD that introduces you to the worlds top resorts.
January 11 Updated movement analysis video info. A new pic of the week.
January 7 Skier's Journal is kind of a cross between a blog and a news site, I guess.
UK ski travel agency. Delmarweb has a listing of smaller ski shops in Maryland and Delaware. Bob Kirk is a Canadian pro that also teaches in Holimont NY. He's got a lot of links to other sites. Ski like a woman has a directory of women's specific programs at resorts throughout the world. Lisamarie is a frequent posted on Epicski. She is a ski fitness expert. "If you ski" has a bunch of info related to ski health issues, including cold, sun, pregnancy etc. If you ski has some good tips with video from Warren Smith. Ifyouski's beginner snowboarding tips are mostly lame, but Rusty does like the front foot emphasis. Updated the Whitetail news.
January 4, 2005 A new pic of the week. - are we tired of Mammoth yet? Here's what Consumer Reports has to say about helmet fit. Skeletools has some cool hip pads. If you want goggles with prescription lenses built in, try these sites: SportOptical. SkiAlpineExperience fashions themselves as adventure travel consultants. SkiRacing is a magazine all about (you guessed it) racing. 
Interested in Harald Harb's PMTS (Primary Movements Teaching System)? Try the realskiers forum. Harb Ski Systems has all of his books, videos, gear and camp info, including a listing of PMTS certified instructorsTechSupportforSkiers has ski reviews and links to everything else. is Harb's answer to PSIA.
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