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Ski Jobs? Skiing the net has a few (if the site stays up?). Board Sports has some too.

Ski Area Management site - check out their sponsor links to SE Group (they design trails and lifts) and Pisten Bully (they make Snow Cats).
Snowmaking 101 from Ratnik
American Mountain Guide Association
Sitour is a marketing company that runs festivals and creates ad sponsored trail map signs, tool benches and other cools stuff for resorts.
SnowProdeals has cheap ski socks! has a pro discount. Get a 20% discount when you use the coupon code "PSIA-Forum" (without the quotes) in the checkout section under 'coupons'. 
Reliable Racing also has pro discounts - ask Rusty for the code. (07699+)
BROFORM acts as a clearing house for pro deals. Just fax or snail mail them a copy of your PSIA card to get started.
Sportstarprosales has pro deals for goggles, sun glasses, gloves, charcoal heat packs and more. Rusty's a rep now! Send me an email and I'll give you a code you can use to order.
PSIA (Professional Ski Instructors of America) 
PSIA-E (Eastern Region) ooo - it's flashy! Plus we have our own forum now!
PSIA-RM (Rocky Mountain) (hey, they've got their clinic schedule online!)
AASI  (American Association of  Snowboard Instructors) (12/23 link is useless)  AASI-East members (a private site that needs more participation)
Cool stuff for ski pros (from Rusty)
Canadian ski instructors site. This site has AWESOME video to prep for the CSIA exam.
The Italian ski pro site has some awesome video lessons too!
British ski instructors site. British Ski instructors
New Zealand's ski pro site
SkiPros is a site for ski instructors to advertise for Private Lessons
SkiInstructor is another site for instructors to advertise their stuff
Olympic coaching newsletters
NSAA is the site for ski area management
Epic ski has the best forum for pros. Go the ski instruction section.
Interski is where instructors from all over the world get together to share.
Interested in Harald Harb's PMTS (Primary Movements Teaching System)? Try the realskiers forum. Harb Ski Systems has all of his books, videos, gear and camp info, including a listing of PMTS certified instructors and online lessonsTechSupportforSkiers has ski reviews and links to everything else. is Harb's answer to PSIA.
A book about ski instructor stories?
Jess Hall has a good exam prep web site.
Paul Hartnägel has a web site with some of his "outspoken" opinions.
Bob Kirk is a Canadian pro that also teaches in Holimont NY. He's got a lot of links to other sites.
SkiSchoolWeb has a good listing of what level 1-9 are, but is otherwise a good example of 1/2 a web site. 
Craig McNeil is a Colorado based PMTS guy that has a well rounded web site with lots of tips and some nice pics.
Lydia and Chuck Roberts teach at Wilmot, Wisconsin. They have a good introduction to terrain park program for skiers.
Ron LeMaster's work is mostly focused on racing, but he has some very interesting observations. Here's a presentation on current trends in alpine ski technique.
Teach skiing in Spanish and Portuguese!
Snowboard dictionary.
Decision Training?