Check Conditions

This page has links to sites that report ski conditions and weather information. You can tell you're really a ski addict when you spend a lot of time on these sites trying to second guess where the best weather is going to be for your trip and which resort has the best snow.
Weather sites

Conditions sites is a hard core skiers site!
Weather Channel ( snow finder page & snowfall forecast)
Resort Sports Network
Local DC Weather
Accuweather gets a late start on their snow cover maps
Get the 5 day forecast  specific to a resort.
Canadian Weather

The Canadian version of the Weather Channel has ski specific weather, but an annoying entry. Good maps of where resorts are within a region.
Weather models at Unisys. Ok - this confuses the hell out of Rusty
National Weather Service - scroll down to the winter storm watches by state - Your tax $$ at work!
Farmer's Almanac forecasts:
Region 3 (DC); Region 7 (resorts)
Vertical snow has some nice winter weather info.
Ami News - top rated by Rusty! (OnTheSnow is the same data)
Yahoo moves up in the rankings. The myYahoo option lets you customize your own ski report page.
Skibonk is really cool. They have a map feature and a snow overlay on the map.
Resort Sports Network
Snocountry has conditions reports.
Snow stats has the best summer listing (yes it's June and there are still ski resorts open!) - it's all in one spot! has audio snow reports!
Speaking of stats, Tony Crocker has some historical snowfall stats.
Your tax dollars at work - The Dept of Agriculture runs SNOTEL. Some of the sensors are at resorts, but you have search on the map to find them (hold the cursor over the sensor icons).
Dryday has 30 day weather forecasts showing the percent chance of rain using a "different" forecasting method.
Nobullski Vermont purports to have "real" conditions reports for Vermont resorts for only $19. If you hate those lying resort reports, this might be the place for you.
Best Snow has a great independent site for checking for powder.
Skitown does not have conditions, but it has the most resort descriptions of all the sites that Rusty has checked.

The conditions sites are almost as good as going directly to a ski area web site and a whole lot faster if you are comparing resorts in the same area. Please note that some areas have more "liberal" reports than others. Out west, you need to have a minimum of 45" to open the expert terrain (any less and you should be using rock skis). Otherwise a two foot base is sufficient for intermediate skiing. In the east, with man made snow and less steep terrain you need a minimum of a 10-15" base for good low intermediate skiing. East coast resorts are reporting the results of snowmaking which is not the same all over the mountain or even across the whole width of a trail. When you get really good, you can interpret a resorts report to know exactly what they mean. Like knowing that "wet granular" really means that it is raining out!