Cool Ski Sites

General sites

Magazine sites

Ski Central (a ski specific search engine that has links to everything possibly related to snow sports).
Epic ski has great discussion boards.
Yahoo's ski links.
On the (travel, news, contests, etc.) is from the aminews folks
IfyouSki is from Britain. They have all sorts of good stuff. Check out the snowboard grabs.
Snowlink (lots of tips on this site).
Go Ski.
Skier's Journal is kind of a cross between a blog and a news site, I guess.
Vertical snow has some nice ski area stats and good news articles.
The new Complete Skier site has lots of good info on it.
Skiresorts guide has a nice map based interface for finding resorts.
Ski town is a new site that's trying hard.
Ski Pages has European resort info. (broken - 11/22)
Ski mall is a portal  - the Telluride info is good, and there are links to all sorts of snow sites.
Snow bomb is Tahoe focused but has some cool stuff including deals and an offbeat dating service. Freelifttickets is related - they give stuff away.
Get a discount on ski magazine subscriptions here.
Ski&Skiing (SkiNet) - the big guys in the ski mag biz have a big and useful site. This year they've also opened sites for each mag: Ski and Skiing.  The gearfinder section is a cool way to search for equipment information. Check out the FAQS section for skis, boots, bindings and apparel.
Powder magazine always has the best photos, but their site only has a subscription request form and a more info (from advertisers) request form.
Snowboard Journal has really high quality printing and cool pictures.
Frequency - the Snowboarder's Journal is another high quality print mag.
Mountain Zone is an affiliate (ex Snow Country magazine site).
Ski Bum News (hint: this site has a safety disclaimer for terrorists, bar room brawls and knife fights). (10/8 their site was not up)
FirstTracks (good ski news and good article on snowmaking). 
Freeze is a youth oriented ski magazine.
Skier news is getting better (their print version for this season is worth checking out - it's supposed be online after 11/1).
SkiRacing is all about (you guessed it) racing.
Freeheelers: here's an online mag for you
call Descender ??? Rusty needs to fix this!
For the snowboarders: try Transworld Snowboarding Online This site is for the Snowboard Life (a great free ride magazine) and Transworld snowboarding magazines. A little confusing because multiple domain names end up at the same content.
Snowboarder mag
Smart Mogul is sort of an online magazine, they run camps, have clothing and a pretty good photo gallery.
Freeskier is a place for people who like big AIR!  They've got a full site with contests, conditions links, stuff to buy, photos, etc. 
SkiPress mag is a new ski magazine that is handing out free copies at ski shows. Rusty says the mag looks pretty good (especially the equipment reviews). The best part about the web site is the contest for a week of heli skiing.

 Inside Tracks has ceased publication.