Rusty's 2010 Blizzard Gallery

Pics from The Rusty's front yard - Feb 2010. 45 inches of snow from two storms settled down to average of 27 inches. Rusty spent Feb 5-7 at Whitetail when the first 30 inches fell. On Feb 9-10 another 15 inches of dry fluff turned Rusty's yard into a mini model of the Sierra back country.

The front yard with freshies to be had.

A 6 pack of powder runs.

This gives you an idea of how deep in the snow I was riding. Look at the U in the top part of the shadow.

This was the straight down track I started when the snow was fresh and I could hardly move.

Six feet of snow in Maryland? I must be cheating.

My neighbors ATV plow with leather seats and a Bose sound system (just kidding)

One snow covered bush!

Finally, they plowed the road. That's not the usual wall across the driveway from a snow plow truck.

Houston - we have pavement! I had forgotton what that looked like.

Hey - that's not our regular snow plow!

That's one heck of a front loader. Ahh - our tax dollars at work.

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