Rusty's Killington 2003 Gallery

Rusty went to the 2003 PSIA Snow Pro Jam at Killington, Vermont. Over 400 ski instructors attended this event.

Monday morning  - getting ready to start

Recognize anyone?

Looking South to Stratton

Top of the gondola.

Arleta, Dick,  DeWayne and Wirt are Whitetail people.

Rusty joins the group.

East Fall looking down

East Fall looking up

Lani Tapley was bet dressed at the banquet

This guy was the worst dressed. Add a hog nose and he could be a Redskins fan.

Cheryl from Whitetail with Brad - a top 100 instructor

Cheryl's group.

Fran Vall won an award.

Jim Rooney works at Copper now.

After the banquet, the rain turned to snow. This was the view leaving the hotel.

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Rusty Carr
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