Rusty's Mammoth Gallery

Rusty went to the AASI Rider Rally at Mammoth, California in April 2002

An easy to find meeting place.

Look at that fresh snow in the background.

It was tough to get a good pic of this beastie

The gondola was awesome

The only slide I saw all week

An American super pipe

Sweet runs off the top

So much snow, so few people

Top of the face lift

Watch that first step! The top was a little steep

The baby pipe 

Golf course in Bishop

High speed lifts were everywhere

A cool rail

But nobody rode the whole thing

Where is everyone?

Not here!

A wasted pic

The super pipe being cut

Nice soft steep bumps

The entrance to the park

Note the signs on the left

A carved trench

View from the top

Another top view

One more from the top

Looking down

So many peaks

Copyright 2002
Rusty Carr 
All Rights Reserved

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