Rusty's National Academy Gallery

Rusty went to the PSIA National Academy at Snowbird, Utah in April 2003

The sunny side of the Little Cottonwood canyon

HQ was the infamous Cliff Lodge. Very nice.

Lil bro goes backcountry 3 pinning up here

Here kitty kitty.

One of the lower bowls (gad or Wilber chutes?)

The top tram tower is 1/2 way up

Where would you like to ski today?

Nothing like digital zoom

Snowbird reported 8 1/2 feet of base

The pool at the Cliff Lodge

Solitude is on the other side of this ridge.

The hot tub at Cliff

This run was slushy at the end of the day.

Typical Snowbird

A Steller's Jay gives me grief about my parking skills

A babbling brook

These lines were skiable

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Rusty Carr 
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