Rusty's Peek'n Peak Gallery

Rusty went to the AASI Low Key it event at Peek'n Peak NY, in March 2009

Even the road signs said this was the way to black and blue!

The Main Lodge

It's huge I tell ya

The golf course at the base is on the other side of the parking lot. There was another course at the top of the mountain!

Typical view

The mini park looked horrible, but was well maintained.

We spent a lot of time on this box

Sometimes a little too much time

And with a little creative photography you can do the box and the rainbow rail

We called this guy Joe Boxer.

Bailing off the box the safe way

This box looked like you had to Ollie onto it, but even going slowly you could ride onto it.

This was a cool inclined box - Bryan that's way more than 6 feet up it

It was easier than it looked

Catch the bus!

Rusty on a snow skate. Ride away! (cheap Monty Python reference)

Arrr - must be the punch line to a pirate joke.

This guy can ride.

This guy can't

Joe Bumps

Pardon me, but is that air under your snowboard?

Things at ski school were kind of slow. "Eileen" was the only one at line up. 

We heard that Eileen was not cheap, but that she was easy!

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