Rusty's Rider Rally Gallery

Rusty went to the AASI Rider Rally at Breckenridge, Colorado in April 2003

A view from off I-70

April is springtime at the lower elevations.

This is what high dry mountains look like.

Yet another view from the road.

Breck was fairly busy for their last week.

A good cruiser peak

Breck has plenty of room for beginners

Now that's a nice skyline!

The easy way to Peak 8

Weather starts moving in

Boy this run was crowded!

Breck has lots of high speed chairs

The fun stuff

A view of the village

Lake Dillon was almost dry

Another view of Breck village

Things are looking up

What goes up, most come down. Just watch that first step.

The mid mountain lodge

A view of Keystone. The Outback is on the right.

This is the "little" pipe

This guy cleared the lip

This guy did not

Now this is stylin'

Ready for take off

Show off

Nice run

Top of the little park

2 planker doing a 360

Nice method

Remove fingers before stomping the landing

A jump from the big park

There were lots of rails. This one causes pain.

Warren Miller's personal ride.

This rail goes both ways

This rail is FAT

Skiers in the super pipe

That's high off the wall

The infamous T bar

But the terrain was worth it

Can you say bumps?

The one good close up I get and this guy sucks

This guy though he hit a rock and decided to check his base.

The BIG park. There's a ton of hits in here.

The right side of the big park, aka rail city

Yet another rail

This guy was looking for a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow rail

Rider Rally is one sick party!

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Rusty Carr 
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