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Here you will find the affliction caused by a digital camera. Click on the image to see it in greater detail.

Welcome to Dad's house in La Jolla, CA! This is the view from the street.

That's Dick in the kitchen.

This is the dining room.

The windows "wear out" quickly..

This is the front porch.

This material is called gunite.

The neighbors have cool landscaping.

This is the view to the north, overlooking Bird Rock.

There's a lot of surfing going on (the other kind).

Wow what a sunset!

Rocks - try it as a background?

Seaweed - another possible background?

Snoozer at the beach

Even squirrels like the beach!

Magnificent pelican. 
See the movie.

This is Point Loma.

Point Loma has magnificent views of the city.

Lots of Navy ships sail by Point Loma.

Across the bay is Coronado Island (which isn't really an island).

This is a courtyard at the famous Hotel del Coronado.

This is a view form Balboa Park.

This is a botanical garden in the park.

Was this pic worth it?

Warning sign! haha

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