Rusty's San Diego Golf Gallery

Rusty loves to golf in San Diego, CA.  Click on the pics to see the high res versions.

Torrey Pines South

Hey Dad - is this the new hotel you were talking about?

This #1 on the North course.

This guy flew the green

If only our fairways looked this good this summer!

Uh - Don't go long

The ocean had "marine layer".

Postcard perfect

The wind was tricky here

Somebody took a bite out of the rock

Um - I thought the shapes were "artsy"

Thank heavens they did not put a hole here

That's "hit every fairway" Bill

The only water hole

Had these strange looking ducks

Lined up in a row

The Marine base was nearby. The F18s were too fast to get pics

California hang gliders over Black's Beach

Did you hear there were (all over) sunbathers down there?

Oh - if I only had another 300X on the zoom lens.

This is Maderas

Which way looks better?

Typical Maderas valley hole.
The Grand del Mar

The Grand del Mar

Plush seats on a golf cart?

That's a road runner in California.

I thought this was the best waterfall pic.

But this was not bad either.

Yet another waterfall pic.

Compare this to the previous pic, then tell me how to fix it?

Do you know how hard it is to get a Blue Heron to pose in the right light?

A valley hole. The mountain top hole pic did not turn out well.
Torrey Pines North

Torrey Pines North

A well protected par 3.

There's an ocean down there somewhere.

A busted up cliff.


Going by the marina on the back nine.

The 18th with the bridge back to downtown San Diego in the background.

The 18th fairway - approaching the clubhouse.

Par 3

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