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Rusty went to the AASI Rider Rally at Taos, New Mexico from March 27 - April 2, 2009

Yes, it was an Epic vacation.

On the road to Taos

This is the view from the access road.

This is your first view of Taos from the bases area. Al's run in the background looks really steep in person. The yellow sign says "Don't panic!". It's famous. This picture makes it look much less intimidating than it is in person.

The Taos Ski Valley village

The easy little bumps in front of the Hotel St. Bernard

Looking across the village

One of those easy runs that the Don't Panic sign promised.

This is the bottom of the Kachina peak runout.

So many shots to take, so little oxygen. This is what tempted us to hike Kachina.

This was some of the hike to terrain on the right side.

You start hiking from here. Going to the right first, then alllllll the way around the ridge in view here.

Rusty in mid hike.

Warning - are we dead yet?

The top of Kachina peak. Rusty was too tired to sign the blue book.

Looking out the other way from the top.

Rusty says we've got SNO!

Looking down Main Street. This run was just beautiful wind packed soft snow that we sunk down about 6 inches into.

Another view down main street.

Rusty hiked up with Steph.

The crew waited at the bottom.

It was a long wait for some.

Rusty on the Bavarian deck. 

Taos has some steep terrain.

Is this steep enough for you?

Taos Country Club - a few of us golfed on Tuesday, our day off

It was kind of flat with mountains in the background.

On Wednesday, after riding, we did tubing, tie dyed shirts and had a raffle.

Some of the Tie Dye shirts

Rusty's shirt was the one on the upper left

Some more Tie Dye shirts

On Thursday afternoon, we found the Martini Tree!

It's got a lock on it! Cynthia has the Pauron of martini juice in her right hand. Free booze anyone?

Looking down Al's run. This was the run that had the don't panic sign at the bottom.

Halfway down Al's. Those shadows are big nasty bumps. We call them moguls.

Almost done with Al's, you can see the village below.

Some of the posse! This many snowboarders in a group was scaring some of the locals.

Before the Rider Rally got started, Rusty visited Ski Santa Fe to get warmed up, er, acclimated to altitude.

Ski Santa Fe - The easy version.

13 inches of fresh snow

Nice tree runs

Some of the tree runs were pretty steep.

Even steeper than this.

But there was some mellow terrain

and even some good cruising terrain

MMMM- Bacon! Looks like a typical Rusty pun.

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