Rusty's Whistler Gallery

Rusty (aka Russ at work) went to this cool MCI party at Whistler, Canada (,eh?)

It's the Circle Of Excellence!

Held in a really classy hotel.

We landed in Vancouver, eh?

We road the bus up to the mountain.

And the views on the sea to sky highway were pretty cool

Mike checks out the fiord.

Did I really take this one from the bus?

Was it a boat or a bus?

A waterfall on the side of the road.

Famous rock climbing place, but I forgot what it's called.

Hey - who's that dork with the camera?

COE Registration was quick and painless.

The hotel from the front.

The hotel with the slopes overhead.

The view from Russ's room.

Welcome to Blackcomb.

This is what we came for!

The snow on the come home trail was sloppy.

But it was good for sledding.

A Blackcomb worker commuting home.

Ok - some loafers just sat in the pool all day. 

Classy hotels always have bathrobes and slippers.

Skinny dipping anyone?

It's just a brook and I'm just babbling now.

Listen to a band at the end of the day.

Whistler village just before the snow hit.

Singing pass?

Phew!? Would you be caught dead with that hair?

Some places were really humming for apres ski.

There were some easy trails.

Alpen glow in the morning.

A typical Whistler shot.

Russ was afraid to go in this shop.

Especially with the rescue dog outside on standby.

This is a snowcat. People ride in the back to go up the hill.

A self portrait in a Penguin suit.

A night shot the Rusty will play with later.

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Rusty Carr 
All Rights Reserved

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