The Windham Gallery

 Snow Time sent the "Mountain Reps" on a "fam" trip to Windham, NY on 3/19 - 3/21.

Windham from the hotel

Another from the hotel shot

We stayed at the Windham Arms

This is upstate NY

Can you guess what this is?

Can you guess now?

Hint - it goes on pancakes!

Looking up from the base area

Now that's a bump run

The half pipe was in great shape

The demo center is a great place to try out skis - $20/day

Corduroy alert!

It's either the lost pyramids or some monster hits?

The base lodge

Another lodge shot

Old kitty cat

Yet another base lodge shot

Eric Flynn (on the left) is the big cheese

Fancy art in the upstairs restaurant

A view from the top

The easy rail

The hard rail

It was pretty long too

The slide

Top view of the slide

The view from the top of Wicked.

Good get off the chair demo

Looking west

Looking at the real runs

A close up

Hunter is behind the trees

It's there somewhere, I swear it

A photo of a photo

It's John and Bonnie M

Ok Arleta - who's the butt head now!

Arleta and Carol

Ahhh - so relaxing

A wicked view

You can just barely see mountains on the horizon

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Rusty Carr 
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