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Whitetail's new magic carpet lift has landed

A kid's eye view of the magic carpet.

The carpet has these cool stands that hold it about 3 feet off the ground, but it will be at snow level in the winter,

The "lift" is made by a company called Kaser.

Here's a view from the top of the carpet lift

The First Tracks slope has been regraded. This will be great for kids.

Somewhere in the middle of this is the new race shack on Home Run.

Here's Rusty teaching a little one.

Whitetail lights up the expert slopes! 

The tubing area is open at night too.

You can link tube together for more fun.

You get going pretty fast. 
Too fast for my cheap camera.

You can just barely make out the tubing lift on the left.

The fan guns blow a ton of snow.

It's real snow, but made by men.


Rusty spends every xmas skiing. Here are some pics from Whitetail on a Christmas morning.

Ivan and Fran wishing you all happy holidays

You know, when we're busy, it's best to get here a 1/2 hour early (before the line start forming)

For those who got an early start, the slopes were empty.

This is Velvet. Plenty of room to learn to board.

Santa Host waiting to check skis.

The underground had elbow room for a little while.

Whitetail's 2000-2001 season

The new fan guns make a lot of snow.

A close up.

Velvet getting the finish dusting.

Snow Park getting buried.

The groomers were running right to the last minute before opening.

The groomers finished product - courderoy!

Sergei can't wait!

A little guy goes rock climbing.

The Whitetail trail map is not that tough to figure.

The end of the season
after we closed I took these      

Brown snow!

Home Run was in good shape

Limelight was not

The old ski school home before retirement

Northern Lights was (cough) skiable

The "Trailer Park" from the top of Launching Pad

The mountain with more snow than when we opened.


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