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Rusty got to preview the new Whitetail golf course on 2000/10/22.  Click on the pics to see the high res versions.

This is the putting green. It was real hard to sink putts here (no holes)!

Teeing off at the first hole. That's Eddie "the scam" Stamm in shorts.

Another first hole pic. (not shown: Rusty's 20 foot put for "par")

Bill Wissinger shows off perfect form.

The view to the North.

Dogleg right. Hole#2 

The front nine seemed to be relatively flat.

The fall colors were at their peak.

There's still some construction going on.

This is a typical view for Rusty's second shot.

The views on the back nine are really cool.

That's Two Top Mountain. Whitetail is on the other side

This is where the pro "shack" will be next spring.

The fleet of carts only numbers 8 right now.

The flags are not numbered yet. Surrender now!

Rusty thinks this is the best picture.

This is the snowmaking pond.

The north end of the snowmaking pond.

It seemed like there was more sand than grass on this hole.

Rusty thinks this is the worst picture, but Dave said take pics.

O my god! The fairway is a ravine!

It's all down hill from here.

You need climbing gear to walk this fairway!

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