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Rusty has more pics of Whitetail's new golf course from their first season (2001).  Click on the pics to see the high res versions.

The club house is literally a house.

But the fall colors are outstanding!

This is the snowmaking pond for the ski hill.

Fortunately, this is between holes.

This pin was placed on hill in the green.

An old farmhouse in front of faraway peaks.

Danny Fred swings for the second green.

The colors look better in the bigger version.

The greens can be a bit deceiving.

Nice form.

Most of these were gone by the time we were done.

That's real thick grass in between the holes.

Long hitters take care. This is hidden in the middle of the fairway.

Check out the colors!

Colors near and far.

The putting green sure is purty.

Whitetail Ski Resort is on the other side of this mountain.

Forget looking for your ball in this stuff.

There are golf holes on that mountain ridge!

Now who put those bunkers in the middle of the fairway?



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