Golf Tips from The Rusty

Search tip: pick a key word and use "edit, find" to find a tip for you or use the Google search engine on the front page. The Rusty provides these tips based on his limited experience. He can't play real well, but he does play a lot.

Rattlewood tips: 
Saturday afternoon gets real backed up. Don't bother with a cart. The rangers tolerate
Occasionally has a very well built cart girl.
Use hole 2 to practice for hole 11. There's not much penalty for missing right on 2 (you end up on the 11 fairway), but going right on 11 puts you in the water. 
Got for it on 14, but watch the out of bounds on the left. You can reach the end of the fairway with the usual wind.
People try to reach 15 in 1. It's fun. But there's a lot of risk. If you've got a good sand game, shoot for the bunkers.

Little Bennett tips:
Bring plenty of balls. There are a lot of blind shots. Play your first round there with someone who's played there before.
Late weekend afternoons, although course play is slow, people tend to skip the last few holes. The pace picks up just before it gets too dark to play.
On 4, there is a split fairway. You get a slightly better angle for your second shot from the fairway on the right. The green on 4 is evil (some would say unfair). On the fairway angle to the hole, a safe play is to lay up short and right or on the bank. The whole left 2/3 of the green is deceptively steep. Putts coming back may roll back and off the green - so if you have an uphill putt, do NOT miss short. 
On 12, you can hit short and let the ball run down the hill. If you aim for the green, you must be on the front half or the ball will roll off the back. Do NOT be long. Don't let the wind fool you on the tee. There is no wind effect on this hole.

Hope Valley:
Leave the driver at home. There are only 3 holes you could use one on anyway.
Leave the expensive clubs at home. There's not a whole lot of dirt on the course.
Play 2 cheap balls. The course is rarely crowded, but the fairways are VERY narrow. Bring lots of cheap balls.
Get a cart on your first visit. The back 9 is very steep.


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