Whitetail Instructor Training Clinic

Become a ski or snowboard instructor at Whitetail Ski Resort!

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Why become an instructor?

Hard work, low pay, free skiing, free instruction, discounts.
If you're in it just for the free skiing, you'll be disappointed. If you love to ski or snowboard and you like helping people? Teaching skiing or snowboarding may be the hardest job you'll ever do.  Although you can earn $40/hour for request privates, you'll typically be lucky to make back your gas money. You're regular pay will start out close to minimum wage and you only get paid for when you work. You will get free skiing privileges for yourself and family members (after the minimum number of hours worked). You'll also get free coaching from the top instructors in the school. In addition to food and shop discounts, you'll also get access to industry discounts and discounted skiing at other resorts. For those of you with day jobs, teaching snow sports may be a vehicle to build teaching, public speaking, and leadership skills that can help you advance at the day job too. Finally, you'll be becoming part of the Whitetail school family - a bunch of really cool people who share your passion for sliding on snow. 
What is the ITC?

An opportunity to become a ski or snowboard instructor at Whitetail.
Attending the Whitetail Instructor Training Clinic (ITC) is your first step towards becoming a ski or snowboard instructor at Whitetail Ski Resort. The training consists of two days of indoor training and two days of on snow training. During the indoor training you will learn about how to teach skiing or snowboarding at Whitetail. During the on snow portion you will practice the skiing or riding skills that are fundamental to all skill levels and also practice on snow teaching skills for all levels. Some people who attend the ITC do not intend to become instructors (at least right away). For them, attending the ITC is a way to learn some of the technical aspects of the sport and improve their own skiing at a great price (compared to taking regular group lessons).
When is the ITC?

March, November and December

The ITC consists of 6 hours of indoor training and at least 10 hours of on snow training. 

Indoor Sessions: (2009)
Saturday, November 21 or Sunday, November  19 (8AM-4PM) or Tuesday December 1 and Thursday December 3 (6-9 PM)

On Snow Sessions: (2009)
Saturday, December 5 and Sunday, December 6 (8AM-4PM) (tentative)
Tuesday, December 8 and Thursday, December 6 (8AM-4PM) (tentative)
If Whitetail is not open, the on snow sessions will be rescheduled (usually to the first week that we do open).

Where is the ITC?

Whitetail is 90 minutes from either beltway.

Whitetail is located in Mercersburg, PA. Click here for directions. The resort is 90 minutes from the Washington and Baltimore beltways. This is close enough for you to drive to the resort and get back home on the same day. Located just 10 minutes North of Interstate 70 (Clear Spring exit), driving to Whitetail is easy. The indoor sessions are held in the school "house" (down the path between the rental building and the main lodge).. The on snow sessions will take you all over the mountain.

Who's involved?

If you're over 14, you can learn from the best.

Anyone over 14 can become a ski or snowboard instructor. 14 - 15 year olds can become junior instructors (most are volunteers in exchange for free skiing). If you think you are not good enough to teach, all you need is more practice and more confidence. The ITC is a perfect way to get both. We have hired intermediate level skiers and riders who have great enthusiasm for the sport. Whitetail has many teaching opportunities that do not require an expert level of skiing. Whitetail always needs more instructors. If you have the desire or are just curious, this is a wonderful "no pressure" opportunity to explore what teaching is like..

Andrew Davis is our ski school director at Whitetail. The best instructors on the mountain will be your clinic leaders.

How can you sign up?

Print this
and then mail it
or call Whitetail at 717.328.9400.

How much does it cost?

($25 for 14-15)

The ITC application page is online! Print it out, fill it in (and put Rusty in the recruited by field) and the mail it in. You can call 717-328-9400, extension 3561 and leave a message to get more info. Please indicate your name, mailing address, day time and night time telephone numbers and which dates you are interested in attending. You can also send email to skischool@skiwhitetailcom. Don't forget to tell them Rusty sent you.

The price is less than the price of a single lift ticket. Most people pay by check, but credit cards and cash are also accepted.