Snow Flakes

Here are some cool links that Rusty could not figure where else to put.

Photo Pages

Miscellaneous Links

Webshots has 300K photos for skiing - yikes! and >150K snowboarding photos too.
Extreme carving photos
Extreme Photo's (great shots of "freshies" - checkout the post card option)
Extreme team
Keystone has SUPER cool nightpark page - check out the flaming rails in the video clips.
Ron Lemaster has some great photo montages. Here are the latest images. Click in images to see more.
Matt Small has ski and board pics.
Transworld has some snowboard photos
Alpine guides has some nice photos of Greenland skiing, but their blog format off the main page is tedious.
Ski posters! Focus productions has some Jackson Hole posters including one of Tommy Moe.
SnowVisuals has satellite photos of ski resorts.
Alta has some nice pics.
Video pages
Nice Japancese skiers making carved turns (ignore the text)
Sportskool has Bode Miller instructional videos (originally seen on demand at Comcast)
Whistler/Blackcomb school has several videos. More videos on the ski tip page too.
A nice race crash video on Youtube. And another one.
Killington has a nice set of videos.
Snow.TV is just getting started. They have tiny sized 5 minute videos of resorts throughout the world.
RedBull downhill! O yeah baby
Fresh powder on a snowboard. Tom Burt riding some extreme lines on a board.
Racing clips (it's in German, but just watch the clips)
I'm truly ashamed to admit I actually watched this.
Transworld has some snowboard videos.
Cool skier kid doing Terrain Park stuff
Kiwis make some funny videos. Click thru to the YouTube channel.
Marco Hofstetter has a ton of pro mogul video clips.
Some crazy extreme skiing competition footage.
A guide to Snowflakes!
Ski Bikes!
Ski links for kids - Snow Monsters - print out the coloring page
Ski Maps! - (could be dead) they've got other ski stuff too; try ski
Skier/Snowboarder stats
Ski/ride like a girl stickers
Some people say Rusty spends too much time on his web site, but Yur Mountain clearly shows that there other people with way too much time on their hands.
New England Lost Ski Areas - check out some skiing history. The New England Ski Museum has an exhibit on Hannes Schneider. The Vermont Ski Museum is at Stowe. Colorado ski history also tracks lost resorts. They've also got pics of Colorado resorts and news too. More Colorado lost resorts. The Colorado Ski Museum at Vail has an extensive collection of Olympic stuff.  Hyak has lost ski areas from Washington state. SkiingHeritage is a magazine dedicated to guess what? Can you read Slovenian? Mammoth Ski museum. Lots of old time ski posters! Here's a story about the Cranmore Skimobile from 1939!
Trying to remember a great snow storm? Check out the digital snow museum.
More shape ski info
Ultimate Links List#1
Some skiing history. Here's more video history from go ski . Skiing Heritage is a magazine for ski history.
America's Best Bootfitters has a listing of top boot fitters across the US.  Green Mountain Orthotics is home to the nationally reknowned bootfitter Greg Hoffman.
Windstopper has a product advisor with information about different kinds of Gore-Tex and care instructions for Gore-Tex
Discounts? Try Ski Limited to out west right now, coupons are good for everything but skiing. 
Love snowboarding and BMX? Why not combine them into the SnowMoto? You got to be a nut to try a Sno-Bike. Speaking of nutty, check out these devices for better grip on ice!
Ok then, how about off road skating? This is really insane summer skiing!
Dry slopes list! A ski simulator? Hong Kong has an indoor revolving carpet for skiing and riding - it's called Slope Infinity. California has a ski simulator also!
Indoor slopes list.Dubai has an indoor ski slope. (snopes has better pics)
Wikipedia's entries on skiing and snowboarding. Hey - they're looking for help to make these entries better.
Eskimo words for snow
All about snowmaking! Roundtops' snowmaking article
Make your own snow at home! Home snowmaking forum

Backyard blizzard - a no brainer completely set up system for $2700

Snow at home - they have parts and packages

Snowstorm snowmaking - has garden hose and compressor products

Second nature snowmaking is just getting started selling nozzles and showing you how to combine a pressure washer and an air compressor to make it work.

HDK has a super duper portable system

Do you like goofy stuff on your desktop? Do you love Vail? Vail has software called SnowMate that has a screen saver, puts an animated character on your desktop, and gives you up to date weather, conditions, travel deals etc for the Vail family of resorts.
Ski games: Ski Resort Tycoon II is a ski resort simulation
Snowdvd is a DVD that introduces you to the worlds top resorts.
Don't eat the yellow snow. This is disgusting.
Want to open your own "resort"? Check out the resort boneyard for prices on used ski resort stuff from snowmakers to groomers to lifts. Here's a $1000 rope tow idea.
freedomfactory makes adaptive products for handicapped skiers and riders. The Adaptive Sports Foundation (out of Windham) is the largest group on the East coast for skiers and riders serving >1300 student visits per year. 
James Niehues has drawn trail maps for more resorts than most people have skied.
Ski stats has statistical info for resorts including snowfall, lift vertical stats, etc.
Calorie table for skiing and snowboarding.
Ski club directories: OnTheSnow, Ski Council
Skiing and Snowboarding robots!
Green ski wax? It sounds like a good idea.