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Good tips on getting started from Snowboarding on line has some tips for beginners (see the topics) and a forum.
A few Tricks on mountainzone (warning - horrendously slow)

Trick definitions on

Why take a snowboard lesson
TransWorld has instructions for tricks
Build your own snowboard!
How to ride an Alpine board.
Snowboard mag has a ton of pics and a forum and even their whole magazine online in PDF format.
The history of snowboarding (check out the links for the 80's and 90's history too). Here's the full article
The USA Snowboard Association has info on snowboard competitions.
Dave Schutz has a site focused on snowboarding patrollers. He's also got a reprint of a 1996 TransWorld article on snowboard injuries.
Alpine Carver is dedicated to carving. They've got all sorts of info on gear, tips, news - you name it. BomberOnline is another alpine carving community. Hardbooter makes it a 3fer.
Here's some info on snowboard injuries in general and snowboard wrist injuries. Speaking of injuries. Consider wearing extra protection. Bohn has a buttsavr for $40. Their stuff is originally made for motorcyclists, but they are starting to get ski and snowboard oriented.
Rusty is trying to avoid putting manufacturer links on his site because there are just so many of them, but Burton is one of the founding fathers of snowboarding and they have the best equipment. This year's version of the web site is funky, but the factory tour (click on the link to open a pop up) is back.
The Sports Authority has a good primer on different types of snowboard equipment.
Windells runs snowboard and ski freestyle camps. They've got great videos (quicktime).
Snowboarding online has a link to a step in binding guide. (Also known as Transworld)
Snowboarder review has a good buyers guide except that Rusty recommends choosing the binding type first instead of choosing boots first.
Have you seen snow skates? Check out bidek's videos. has lots of photos and videos.
BF Riders has a history of snowboarding and an USASA event schedule. They also have a contest for submitting your own board pics.
This is an awesome upside snowboard rail trick
Ever wondered where the Ollie came from ?
Snowparkbuilder has a cool site on terrain park stuff. 
Snowboardermag is a cool site! They've got photos, message boards, contests and more. Issue 16.1 has a nice article on ACL injuries.
Freebord has a skateboard with additional wheels in the center that rides like a snowboard on pavement. Dirtsurfer bills itself as an on/off road skateboard - it's kind of like a bike that you stand/skateboard on. Flowboard is a skateboard that has 7 wheels side by side to provide a snowboard like experience.
General snowboard terms dictionary
Original gimp has info on adaptive snowboarding.
Teleboarding is snowboarding with telemark bindings.
Solid Powder - freeride oriented. Video producers.
ABC of snowboarding has a lot of info. Rusty's a little unsure about there teaching approach for beginners, but it is well done.
The snowboard outreach society introduces at risk kids to riding.
Backyard terrain parks!
Online snowboard games! Props to Brad