Sports On Canvas

Frequently Asked Questions?

Here are the questions that are most frequently asked about and the services we provide. If you have further questions, please contact us directly on 301-548-9292 or by E-mail at

1. Is it possible to have a portrait done of a favorite minor league baseball player or other sports figure if selective pictures or photographs/cards of the player could be provided? 
Answer: Absolutely. If you provide us with a quality photograph of the athlete that you want a portrait of, we will complete an original portrait of the athlete for you. Please note that the quality of your photograph will have an impact on the end product. 


2. What happens if I commission a portrait and after seeing the portrait, I do not like the image or likeness of the athlete that I selected? 
Answer: If the athlete is a fairly well known figure (one that we would normally paint) we will take back that portrait and complete a new one. If the portrait is of a relatively unknown athlete (minor league player, college player etc.) we will not be able to place that portrait in our inventory. If the likeness is really off (in our estimation) we will complete a new portrait at no cost to you. However, in any event, if you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your money - no questions asked.


3. What size are your Original Portraits?
Answer: The sizes vary quite a bit. However, the standard sizes that we work with are as follows:
11"X14" 16"X20" 30"X40" 22"X28"  24"X30".
11"X15" 24"X36"  36"X48" 18"X24" 20"X32"

(Ask about custom sizes)


4. Who pays for shipping?
Answer: The Customer is responsible for incurring the cost of shipping. The shipping cost will be quoted by Sports On Canvas and included in the cost of the painting.


5. What are the payment terms for ordering an Original Portrait?
Answer: We require a 50% deposit with the order. Upon completion we will email or mail a picture of the completed product to you for your review. Upon your approval and receipt of the balance we will promptly ship the portrait to you.


6. How do you ship your paintings?
Answer: UPS (You can determine the type of delivery (next day air/UPS ground etc). The customer will pay all shipping costs (including insurance costs for inadvertent damage while being transported). This insurance is at the your discretion. However, you shall accept all risk for transportation damage, if any.


7. What credit cards do you accept?
Answer: Visa, Master Card, Visa and American Express.


8. What medium do your artist work in?
Answer: Depending on the Artist selected, "Original Portraits" are available in many forms and styles including, oil on canvas, acrylic on canvas, water colors, charcoal, pencil sketches, illustrations, black pastel on white paper, sepia conte on antique and many others. 


9. How long does it take to complete a Portrait?
Answer: It depends on the Artist, the size of the portrait, the photograph provided, the athlete and a myriad of other influences. It might take one day, three days, a week or longer. It all depends on the circumstances and the specific request.


10. Will you do portraits of Non-Athletes?
Answer: Yes we will. However, our primary focus is on sports heroes and athletes. We have artist that love to do personal and celebrity portraits. We have one artist that will do your favorite pet or paint a picture of your house.


11. Can you do Original Charcoal Portraits?
Answer: Yes we do original charcoal portraits. See our price list on our website.


12. Can you provide custom framing?
Answer: Yes we offer custom framing.


13. Are your paintings signed?
Answer: All of our paintings are signed by the Artist. Certain paintings and/or posters may be signed by the Athlete. If you require a signature by the Athlete, please let us know. 


14. What other services does your company offer? Can you assist our Company with special art projects?
Answer: Depending on your request or project type, we can provide top freelance talent to advertising agencies, publishers, major corporations and small businesses. 


15. How can I find out more about art and art terminology?
Answer: See our glossary of terms for specific definitions of art terms etc.


16. Do you offer commercial/wholesale programs for retail businesses etc? Do you have a lease/rental program?
Answer: Yes/Yes. Please contact one of our representatives for details. 
(Contact Us)


17. I am a sales manager for a small/large business… How can we work together with SportsOnCanvas to use your art in our Company promotions, sales rewards/ recognition programs and contests.
Answer: Answer: See our section on Art in Business.


18. We are a non-profit/charitable organization… How can we work with SportsOnCanvas to raise money for our organization?
Answer: See our section on Fundraising.


19. How can we partner with SportsOnCanvas?
Answer: If you are a freelance sales person, designer, gallery, broker, consultant, charitable organization or retail outlet we will custom design a commission program for you and or your organization.


20. Our Company would like to advertise (place a banner ad) on your SportsOnCanvas web site. Is this an option?
Answer: Yes. Please contact us for more details.


21.. Will you barter/trade your artwork for others goods and services?
Answer: Yes. We will consider trading/bartering our paintings for other goods and services depending the goods or services being offered. Please let us know what you have in mind. We will listen intently to your offer or suggestions. Contact Us