Whitetail Business Card Resources

This page is for Whitetail Ski and Snowboard instructors.

Click here for the story of how Rusty made his cards.

Click here for step by step instructions for online ordering.


Logo files

Whitetail generic (word) - note:The word templates use a paragraph format space before at 10 point. If you lose this, the top line will go partially invisible. To reset, select the top line (where "whitetail" now is), then format-paragraph and set the spacing before to 10 point and the line spacing to 12 point.
PSIA pro (word)
AASI pro (word)
Rusty's fancy picture card for Vistaprint
The Vistaprint template (but use the other link below to order so Rusty gets credit if you buy)
This is the generic Whitetail ski pro photoshop card. Right click and save target as to make a copy.

Or if you don't have Photoshop, give Rusty the info you want on your card and he'll make a jpg file you can ship to Vistaprint.

Sample designs
Official PSIA logo page (or ask Rusty to email you the logos you need)
Whitetail plain
Whitetail logo w/ text
Whitetail logo for inserting over pictures
PSIA logo eps file

Rusty recommends using VistaPrint for online business cards.