Ski Instructor Business Card Tips

Do you want to print your own business cards on your PC? Here are some resources for you. You might find my story of how I made my cards helpful. Office Depot has ink jet business card blanks for $12.50 for 250 or $38 for 1000. Staples has glossy card stock for $21 for 200. After you print the cards, fold them both ways to get the card edges to break clean..

PC Magazine ran a nice story about Business Cards, but the author missed out on the Photoshop option for VistaPrint. Don't upload a logo image into a preset template. Just a upload an image for the whole card.

Logos Templates
Plain Whitetail logo Vistaprint's Photoshop template
Whitetail logo Microsoft's business card template page
Avery has >600 templates!
The PSIA/AASI official logo kit is part of the Go With a Pro campaign and must be requested here. Rusty's god awful card prototypes.
PSIA-E has a business card service.
Rusty's first two cards.
----  Google add sense#1  
Help Rusty out by order your 
Vistaprint cards using this link.
Hey Whitetail Pro's - ask Rusty about the secret Whitetail biz card page.