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Blatant Recruiting Pitch
Become a ski pro at Whitetail! (Instructor Training Clinic information)
Pro tips
Rusty has teaching tips for every one of his skiing tips.
Rusty got his business cards from Vistaprint (use this link and you get a referral deal [like 25% off] and Rusty gets credit too). Click here to see his card. Or check out Rusty's tips for making your own cards.
Rusty's Video Analysis section
2008 Snow Pro Jam at Mount Snow, VT
2006 Rogan clinic
2005 ESA Weekend at Stowe, VT
2005 Snow Pro Jam at Killington, VT
2005 AASI-E mini academy at Killington, VT
2005 AASI Rider Rally at Jackson Hole
2005 Rogan clinic
2004 Snow Pro Jam at Killington
2004 Rogan clinic
2004 AASI Spring Rally at Killington
2004 Skiing with Michael Rogan at Whitetail
2003 Snow Pro Jam notes
2003 National Academy clinic notes
2003 AASI Rider Rally
2002 Snow Pro Jam notes
2002 PSIA-E Region 4 meeting notes
2002 AASI Rider Rally
2002 snowboard demo team thoughts
2001 AASI Level One Exam notes
2000 Snow Pro Jam notes
2000 PSIA Region 4 Meeting Minutes  
2000 - Terry Barbour teaches a clinic at Whitetail
1999 AASI Eastern Snowboard Academy notes
1999 PSIA Region 4 meeting minutes
1998 AASI Eastern Snowboard Academy notes.
1998 PSIA Region 4 meeting minutes.
What's that Harold Harb guy up to? Check out Harb's on line lesson. Direct Parallel Association It's controversial, so the least you can do is read up on them.