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The Rusty did a driving tour of British Columbia in April 2001. These are the video camera pics.

Apex looked liked this. Sorry - no pics.
This is Whitewater. It was too snowy for pics.

But the snowboarding was good.

Fernie has this awesome ridge line.

Fernie's base area

A famous Fernie shot.

Big mountains hide some serious terrain.

The Rusty got to park in the front row.

A really cool double diamond run. (could be the "saddle")

If you can hike it, it's yours for the taking.

Sometimes the weather was so thick, it was hard to tell if the mountain was really there.

The other side of the valley. In between is famous fly fishing.

I'm tellin' ya, there're runs off that peak.

The world's biggest SLOW sign.

Plenty of cruiser runs here at Fernie too.

Hi Mom!

Panorama approach

This is from the road! And it's not even the hill!

Great heli ski terrain!

Panorama had this cool lift from the parking lot.

Each  of the 3 cars could hold maybe 6 people.

Nice half pipe

Hits in the terrain park

Sun Peaks terrain park

That's the easy trail.

Sun Peaks base lodge.

That's a "Delta" (whoa) hotel going up over there.

An aerial view of Sun Peaks master plan.

There's gonna be a lot of trails here.

Road shots

Ok - so some of those couloirs look a little rocky.

Dad gum - this looks just like the last one! Did I get it right this time?

These are called mountain sheep

You freaking tourists make me nervous

These are either elk cows or whitetail deer that are mooning me.

Big Horn sheep on the side of the road.

Hey  buddy - wanna do that new Mountain Dew commercial?
Scans of the disposable pics
Either Fernie or Sun Peaks

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