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December 25, 2004 Merry Christmas - Did you hear "Reindeer in the Night"
December 24 Snow Pro Jam clinic notes
Business card tips for ski instructors
December 23 Here's more ski history from the New England Ski Museum.
December 20 Snocountry has conditions reports.
A new pic of the week. - Lookin for LA from the top of Mammoth.
Skiengine is a new site that focuses on midatlantic resorts. They have a good layout for looking at current conditions and info to help you decide which resort to go to. They also have some discussion forums that are waiting for a community to build up.
December 6 Updated the TV schedule. Updated the ski conditions page.
A new pic of the week. - Rusty's business card pic
SkiTrucks gets the cheapest prices award for the 2004-2005 season, but they don't have sizes for their stuff - just call them instead. They have a trade back program for kid stuff. 
Ron Lemaster has some great photo montages. Here are the latest images.
NSAA is the site for ski are management.
Peter Keelty has independent ski equipment reviews that are very detailed, but he wants $$$ for full access.
December 5 Some stuff to think about the next time you go back country.
Olympic coaching newsletters
December 3 Ski Resort Tycoon II is a ski resort simulation game.
The Dept of Agriculture runs SNOTEL. is a hard core skiers site!
December 1 Fixed links through "G"
Heli-Ski Nepal baby! talk about adventure!
Craig McNeil has a 6 step program for skiers. He's also got informative articles on his site.
Here's an ok description of inclination as seen in the context of racer's turns.
Race-Werks has a whole section to devoted to armor.
November 29 New Whitetail terrain park news. Boot dryers! 
Have you seen Freebord? It's a skateboard with additional center wheels that make it ride like a snowboard. Here's the video showing how it works. Buy it direct or from GetBoards - they all have the same prices. Getboards has more links to videos after you click on a particular model.
A new pic of the week. - A view from the top of Mammoth
November 24 Keystone has SUPER cool nightpark page - check out the flaming rails!
November 23 Love snowboarding and BMX? Why not combine them into the SnowMoto
Updated the private Whitetail pro section. Ask Rusty for the secret to access.
November 22 Despamming the guestbook and shooing away robots.
November 19 Do you like goofy stuff on your desktop? Do you love Vail? Vail has software called SnowMate that has a screen saver, puts an animated character on your desktop, and gives you up to date weather, conditions, travel deals etc for the Vail family of resorts.
November 18 Asylum has snowboard stuff in 8 stores throughout the DC area.
Check out the new Whitetail pics of the beginner area and the magic carpet lift in the Whitetail gallery
Learn to ski information
Here are some bad ass balance ball exercises.
California has a ski simulator also!
Speaking of nutty, check out these devices for better grip on ice!
Here's a good book for stretches.
November 14 I found that Ski+Golf liquidators is now doing business only as
November 5 A new pic of the week. - Whitetail's new magic carpet lift
November 1 Posted my sample business card.
October 28 How to use the V1 software for skiing or riding analysis 
A disgusting new pic of the week.
October 20 Ski/ride like a girl stickers. Live to play has some good deals on a few skis and snowboards (Skis=Dynastar+Fischer, Boards= Solomon)
October 16 The 2004 Advantage Card Calculator Spreadsheet from TheRusty. 
Added Snowboard Movement Analysis tips
October 11 Whitetail news has pics of some of the changes.
The trees are getting ready to turn color at Whitetail - see the  pic of the week.
September 27 TheRusty has tips for using a computer to do movement analysis for snow sports.
September 16 Updated Whitetail news. Posted a complete list of Snow Time events!
Another view of the Mammoth  pic of the week.
September 10 has better than 50 % discounts on Atomic, K2 and Dynastar skis.
August 30 Whitetail will be offering a new discount card - the Snow Blast
Another view of the Mammoth  pic of the week. Added a partial list of events where you can get discounts on Whitetail cards and passes.

Northern Wave is a new site that's growing. They have Option boards and Drake bindings. Ride boards look like they are coming soon. Check out their cool sunglasses and goggles too!

August 18 Wow - Updated Whitetail News!
August 17 Finally started working on adding new links - AASI-East members. Dirtsurfer bills itself as an on/off road skateboard - it's kind of like a bike that you stand/skateboard on. has $99 snowboards! Cloudveil has interesting apparel. Dick's Sporting Goods has accessories and a decent helmet guide. ToursDeSport does Eastern US and Canada, eh? A Mammoth  pic of the week.
August 16 Finished link fixes
August 13 Fixed links through S
August 10 Freebord has a skateboard with additional wheels in the center that rides like a snowboard on pavement. Added a pro link in the pro section. A pretty new pic of the week from Mammoth. Links checked through "H"
August 3 More bad links fixed.
July 22 Started the annual bad link fix. A cool pic of the week from Mammoth. Some skiing history. Added a link to Accuweather  winter driving tips. "You can ski" has Austrian race coaching tips that can help any advanced skier. Updated the Whitetail news - the plan to put a lift in the terrain park has been postponed.
July 15 National Ski Show is November 19-21. A new pic of the week from Mammoth 
July 13 Golf updates. Updates on change to the bounce back program on the Whitetail news page
June 8 Whitetail capital improvements for the 2004-2005 season have been announced!
May 20 A new pic of the week from Mammoth - yet another nice view!
Misc ski pro updates.
April 1 Spring Rally notes posted
Golf info updated.
A new pic of the week from Mammoth - nice view!
February 19 Rider Rally info posted (removed - The rally is over)
February 18 A new pic of the week from Mammoth
Whitetail ITC info for 2003-2004 updated. Become a Whitetail ski or snowboard instructor.
2/21 -2/22 Chevy Mountain Experience @ Whitetail
January 28 Michael Rogan clinic notes.
A new pic of the week from Mammoth
January 19 A new pic of the week from Killington
January 2, 2004 A new pic of the week from Killington
2003 Snow Pro Jam notes
December 24, 2003 Glen Plake visits Whitetail on January 14th! 
Check out the killington 2003 gallery
December 3 A new pic of the week from Snowbird - wouldn't you love to live here!
Cleaned up a couple links.
November 4 Updated the Whitetail news and the private whitetail ski instructor info.
November 2 A new ski tip from Rusty about problems making turns in one direction.
Added a South Park link to the main page.
Board Sports has jobs in the ski and snowboard industry.
Snowboardermag is a cool site! They've got photos, message boards, contests and more.
Snow pro updates.
Epic ski has great discussion boards.
October 29 A new pic of the week from Snowbird - look at those lines!
Misc updates.
October 12 Added a new tip from Rusty about  moguls. Added a link to - yet another ski site search engine. 
A new pic of the week from Snowbird - a tram tower on top of steeps.
September 30 Added a new ski tip from Rusty on stance width
September 26 A new pic of the week from Snowbird.
September 9 Updated the list of ski shows where you can get discounted advantage cards.
A new pic of the week from Snowbird
Updated what's new for Whitetail for the 2003 season.
August 18 Checked the ski links on the buy page. Some surprises here folks.
August 17 Added a list of local skydiving places
A new pic of the week from Snowbird
Attempting to foil the dirty guestbook spammers, part 1.
Started updating info on the buy page
August 7 Finished the link cleanup - phew!
Check reviews of skis and snowboards at outdoor review.
August 1 More link cleanup.
July 31 A new pic of the week from Snowbird
Starting to verify and update comments for existing links for the 03-04 season.
Added 3 new carving tips to the tips page.
Added a couple of heli links:
Canadian Mountain Holidays . Bella Coola looks super cool, they have a great site.
July 15 A new pic of the week from Snowbird
June 15 Updates to the Rider Rally notes. Misc golf updates
A new pic of the week from Snowbird
May 29 Updates to the National Academy notes - it's getting better.
Another pic of the week from the road to Breckenridge
May 25 Draft notes from the National Academy are finally available.
May 1 Pics from the Rider Rally are up.
Pics from the National Academy too
April 30 The Rusty has returned from spring break! The draft notes for the Rider Rally are up. Check out the fresh pic of the week from Breckenridge.
skitv let's you post your own ski videos on the web. This is a good deal - they take up a lot of space!
A new tip from Rusty about safely skiing the steeps.
April 1 Get a $5 discount on your 2003-2004 Ski Advantage card at events where Ski Liberty, Whitetail and RoundTop will have show booths. Click here to see where and when.
Check out the new pic of the week - Mammoth's terrain park entrance
March 14 Free skiing at Whitetail on 3/17 - 3/18!!!!
Winter Parks Bib Barnes has some fundamental ski tips. (gone)
A new pic of the week  - Mammoth moguls!
Updated golf info
March 12 Rusty's golf page is starting to take shape.
February 28 Well folks, online purchasing for snow sports equipment has come a long way since Rusty started this page. It's now big enough that someone has finally done a better job than Rusty. If you want to comparison shop, you need to check out:Slope Shop
Updated the pic of the week  - how to build a super pipe.
February 20 Updated the pic of the week - Mammoth; from the base area.
Added a new ski tip (finally) on progressive movement through the turns.
Starting the golf section, but it's not ready for prime time. has audio snow reports!
February 6 Backcountrystore has everything you need for back country skiing and riding.
Updated some links with commission junction redirect. It's about time Rusty got paid for some of this stuff (but he's not holding his breath).
February 4 Updated the pic of the week - Mammoth ski run
Updated tip#17 (info for kids) on Rusty's tips
Whitetail has a new groomer
Posted info for the 2003 AASI rider rally
January 23 Updated the indoor skydiving page
Updated the pic of the week
January 17 All about snowmaking!
Presenceworks has a cool email signature technology that hooks up to instant messaging,
January 14 Miscellaneous page clean up.
January 11 Pics of the new tubing area at Whitetail.
Updated the pic of the week
January 7 Check out these rails at Windells
Battery powered "wax" to slow down or speed up skis? Check out Dartmouth College's Ice Research Laboratory report on Ski Friction Control.
January 2, 2003 Heading to Steamboat? You've got to try out the winter driving school there. Rusty recommends the 1/2 day course ($155). It's a hoot!
myskitrip is a pretty cool site that covers every major resort and then some.
Bad knees? CADS (Constant-force Articulated Dynamic Struts) looks goofy, but looks like it works at reducing knee strain for skiers.
Beginner snowboarders pay attention! Bohn has a buttsavr for $40 and other protection garments too.
The USA Snowboard Association has info on snowboard competitions.
Have you seen snow skates? Check out bidek's videos.
A new pic of the week from Rusty's front yard
Hong Kong has an indoor revolving carpet for skiing and riding.
Snowparkbuilder has a cool site on terrain park stuff
Indoor skiing and riding in the US? Snow Creation is planning facilities in Vegas in late 2003 and in Atlanta in 2004. hmmm - we'll see
December 31,2002 Updated the Whitetail news page. Check out the topographic map link.
Added buy link info:
World Wide Sports has Head, Fischer and Elan skis, some no name boards and lots of snow skates. 
Ski and Snowboard house
has the big names in skis and a good mix of boards at modest discounts.
Also added some snowboard info.
December 26 Posted notes from the 2002 Snow Pro Jam
December 23 Link maintenance.
A new pic of the week from Rusty's front yard
New England Lost Ski Areas - check out some skiing history
New travel links: 
Expedia has trips to 30 different resorts. Slick, Easy and Informative. Not sure about the prices. has a travel planner for 15 US resorts, but it was dog slow when Rusty tried it. Good for searching bit by bit.
December 19 Pics from Killington
December 15 A new pic of the week from Whitetail - the expert slopes light up!
Posted the rest of the powder 8 pics.
December 6 A new pic of the week from TheRusty's front yard! POW POW Powder 8
December 2 A new pic of the week from Mammoth. - this is mid week skiing heaven
A new tip from Rusty about ski travel in the 2002-2003 season. (finally a new tip)
Whitetail opened on 11/30! Yeah!
Added some links to the travel page.
November 24 A new pic of the week from Mammoth. - a pipe dragon
November 7 Posted the PSIA-E Region 4 meeting notes.
A new pic of the week from Mammoth. - the downside of rail riding
October 17 Loveland basin opened today!
October 13 It's a cold day in hell  -> Cat skiing and riding at Alta! And Snowboarders are allowed!!!
- hey somebody had to get that URL! They've got a good mix of different packages for the big name western resorts.
A new pic of the week from Mammoth - a curved rail to ride!
October 6 A new pic of the week from Mammoth. Looking at the ride to the top
Updated my day job resume
October 1 Updated the Whitetail ITC info page.
Fixed the flyaway demo tape (broke into 5 pieces).
Updated my day job resume
September 19 Updated the snowboard section of the buy links page.
Uploaded the Flyaway demo tape. This is a REAL TREAT!
September 17 Farmer's Almanac forecasts:
Region 3 (DC); Region 7 (resorts)
September 8 A new pic of the week from Mammoth. How steep is it?
Inside Tracks is no more.
August 29 More link fixes ("s"s are done)
A survival tale from a ski patroller. Heed the lessons learned.
Ski Now has tips for first timers and eclectic collection of learn to ski articles from a tahoe based instructor perspective.
August 28 More links updates (got through the "m"s)
Added a new tree skiing tips link
Replaced some powder ski tip links:
Powder ski tips links at the virtual ski school (link died). A Mammoth powder tip.
Here's a helmet site for kids!
August 26 Added a link to Inner Ski (but they are out of business  now)
More links fixed (the "g"s are done).
August 23 Updated links (got through the "a"s).
A new pic of the week from Mammoth. - a view from the chair
August 18  August is the month for cheap deals on ski and snowboard tuning at your favorite ski shop!
Ski Chalet sale is 8/23-8/26 in Chantilly at their new warehouse!
Updated the altitude sickness page with info about Salmetrol.
Pro-Fit Ski & Skate is a ski shop in Leesburg, VA. on the DC info page.
Started updating the buy links page
August 15 A new pic of the week from Mammoth. - Sunny blue skies
A new snowboard shop called is on the buy links page
San Diego Golf pics are up.
July 24 My it's been a long summer vacation!
New Whitetail news!
Whitetail Ski pro news has been updated (contact Rusty via email for access)
Become a Whitetail Ski and/or Snowboard Instructor - info starting to filter in
A new pic of the week from Mammoth. - the top
June 14 Ever wondered where the Ollie came from ?
A new pic of the week from Mammoth. - the super pipe
12/6 - 12/17 is the Snow Pro Jam at Killington, VT; Registration starts 9/30
May 19 Battle of the ski schools holds a yearly competition for instructors. See them on OLN on Thanksgiving Sunday. (2004/8/16 oops - the site went down)
Updated the TV Links page
A new pic of the week from Mammoth.
May 12 The Mammoth gallery has arrived!
Reorganized the Gallery links
2002 AASI Rider Rally notes are officially up!
Updated the Whitetail news - tubing, lights on expert terrain!
Added more info to the Acute Mountain Sickness page.
May 5 The Rusty returns from winter vacation.
Wintercream had a great beginners guide for snowboarders.
A new pic of the week from Mammoth montain.
April 5 Whitetail's ticket building has been demolished.
March 27 Another new pic of the week will make you laugh
March 10 Another new pic of the week from Sun Peaks. Minor news clean up..
February 20 Another new pic of the week from Sun Peaks.
There's a new resort in Colorado called Silverton. It's near Red Mountain pass in Southwest Colorado. Lift tickets are $25/day. One chairlift. Expert only terrain, beacon, probe and shovel required. 2002 season is guided groups only at $99/day.
Ski-Europe has upgraded their web site for European travel.
IfyouSki is from Britain. They have all sorts of good stuff. Check out the snowboard grabs.
February 6 A new pic of the week from Sun Peaks, BC. Have fun watching the Olympics! Posted the first week of snow sports events on the TV page
Mount Bailey has snowcat skiing in Oregon.
Snowcat Montana is near Big Sky.
January 23 Paul Hartnagle (Windham) has a web site with some of his "outspoken" opinions.
January 19 Updated Whitetail's booze policy on the Whitetail news page. A new pic of the week from Okemo, Vermont
January 4 A new "park" of the week. Found a nifty foreign language translation page. Snow bomb is Tahoe focused but has some cool stuff including deals and an offbeat dating service. Snow bomb is Tahoe focused but has some cool stuff including deals and an offbeat dating service. Freelifttickets is related to snow bomb- they give stuff away.
January 2 Skitops is from the ski tour operators association. They have some last minute deals. Click on the current specials link.
January 1, 2002 SnowProdeals has cheap ski socks for ski pros.
December 28, 2001 A new pic of the week - it's baaaaad. Updated the travel page (skimoguls has changed to moguls). Sierra Trading Post has the Avalung on sale for $60!
December 16 Travel info - Whitewood has info for a lot of western resorts. Rusty likes the organization by resort or town, plus the extra links for mountain info, maps, etc. Snow Tours is slow and has no prices. That's why they are last on the list. Maybe they'll get better next year.

Updated buy links:
Blankboard has some no name boards at low prices. (link is dead now)
Race-werks has racing gear. Check their specials (e.g. Boeri helmet for $45).
Snowshack has all sorts of accessories.
Moved Ski Trader to the  Ecommerce hall of lame
December 14 Online rental links
A new pic of the week - the terrain park at Panorama
November 29 Updated buy links for new snowboard shops:
SFO Snow has a good selection of K2, Santa Cruz, Salomon, Sims, Libtech. You'll like shopping here. 
Zumiez's site is all tricked up with flash, but aside from having Santa Cruz boards the selection is kinda limited. 
TDC Boardshop
has Ride boards. 
November 24 Dryday has 30 day weather forecasts showing the percent chance of rain.
A new pic of the week - the 1/2 pipe at Panorama
November 21 trailers for brand new ski films - really cool stuff! 
November 20 Updated the buy links page.
The ski cheap newsletter that lists deals for northeastern resorts. Their website shows sample pages from current issues. Find about deals without subscribing! (no longer available)
ski-tops lists ski travel packages by area you want to go to (walking through a lot of packages is a little awkward - keep hitting the next button)
Get a discount on ski magazine subscriptions here.
Kim Reichhelm does women's and coed clinics.
November 16 Rusty's Snow Sports on TV calendar has been updated for 2001-2001
America's Best Bootfitters
has a listing of top boot fitters across the US.
New Stuff: A new snow toy is called the Gravity Cart (at Big Sky, Park City and Vail in 2001-2002). It's a bucket seat sit down thing, with a snowboard under the middle, four little outrigger skis and a claw braking system. (skiing mag - Dec 2001, page 50)
A new pic of the week - A close up of the goofiest gondola.
Updated where to buy ski stuff links: (new and updates)
Accessories: Ski Dreamer has accessories (Boeri helmets, tuning stuff, poles, wax, goggles, etc.)
E-Commerce hall of LAME:  Ski and quotes prices (in Canadian) only on the specials. Brand names but no online ordering. Wild Mountain Sports & Outfitters (search for snowboards - get one Solomon board and a bunch of skis - prices 1/3 off)
November 14 SkiPress mag is a new ski magazine that is handing out free copies at ski shows. Rusty says the mag looks pretty good (especially the equipment reviews). The best part about the web site is the contest for a week of heli skiing.
November 9 Billabong is a weird site for surfers, etc. but their snowboard stuff is no longer interesting. Updated Acute Mountain Sickness tip.
Added an AMS page
Dan Egan has tips on his skiclinics site that sells his clinics.
November 8 The official web site of the 2002 winter Olympics is
Found a new mag - Elevation has some alpine skiing articles, but covers all mountain sports (like climbing) (note - ceased publication in 2003)
November 7 A new pic of the week - the goofiest gondola ever.
November 2 Why lug your skis on your trip? Sports Express will pick up from your house and deliver skis directly to the resort for prices starting at $29 (1 way). They use UPS or Fed Ex.
November 1 Ski news: Burton has introduced a combination snowboard/skateboard called the junkyard
Also added a note about new ski base material technology. A new pic of the week  
October 28 Tony Crocker has some historical snowfall stats.
October 23 A new pic of the week and 
$15 Learn to ski or snowboard at Whitetail, Liberty, or Roundtop from opening day (whenever it is) through 12/21. This is an incredible bargain!
October 19 Rusty's got more photos from Whitetail's new golf course.
October 17 PSIA Region 4 meeting minutes. New for 2001 is the Avalung 2. For about $100, it's like a snorkel.
October 3 Fixed some broken links.
September 30 The Whitetail news has been updated with fresh poop! Added Whitetail instructor private news email therusty for access info if you don't have it.
Updated the online where to buy stuff page. Check out Al's ski barn  - their site is better than ever!
September 20 The Ski Center Pro Nite will be on October 14th at 5:30PM. This is for Pros only!
September 19 More Whitetail news - a new snowboard park on lower Angel Drop???
September 15 Summer break is over. New 2001-2002 Whitetail news.
July 7 A new pic of the week  
July 1 A new pic of the week  
9/24 - 9/28 Register for the Snow Pro Jam at Killington (12/10 - 12/14) 
Teen Winter Sports is a DC organization that puts together a lot of ski trips for teens.
The Sports Authority has a good primer on different types of snowboard equipment.
Take the Whitewater avalanche quiz!
June 21 Adrenaline TV has shows on acrobatic ski jumping and sandboarding
Gas Price web site is your best weapon against high gas prices! (it was a great idea but it did not last)
Wild Life is a crazy mag I found in Canada, eh? (but it bit the dust)
A new pic of the week  - Fernie gets closer and closer
Choose an alternative electric supplier in Maryland someday through this site, but not much choice yet.
June 15 New links on the main page. A new Fernie pic of the week  
June 1 TheRusty's PC returns from the dead. Thanks for the guestbook entry John. More updates coming soon. Should Rusty sell his domain?
May 4 A new pic of the week from Canada, eh?
April 27 Prof De Ski is another "competitive" teaching approach from Canada. It's well "packaged" and hyped, and will work for some people, but The Rusty is skeptical when the sales pitch denigrates competitors and there is little "meat" to be obtained without paying $$$.
Vid Book used to have a  performance tips page - pretty basic stuff. They also have info about applying Tai Chi to skiing. And a ski specific exercise page. (but they are gone now).
April 26 Ski mall is a portal  - if you find this useful let Rusty know - it is way to busy for me
Did some tuning on the front page.
April 25 The Canadian version of the Weather Channel
A new pic of the week from Canada, eh?
Selkirk-Tangiers is a heli ski outfit in Revelstoke, BC.
Party Works is a cool outfit that has all sorts of fancy games for parties/events. They've got all the cool stuff and for $500-750 you can really juice up your party or event. Or try these regional links: Portland, Vancouver
April 20 More Canada pics, eh?
April 18 The Rusty returns from vacation with shots from Whistler.
March 30 A new pic of the week from Montana - now that is steep!
March 23 Another new pic of the week from Steamboat - bumpy trees
Posted Windham pics from the fam trip
Posted Whitetail end of season pics.
March 17 Updated the unofficial Whitetail news with rumors for the off season and a link to the ski patrol web site (gone).
March 16 Whitetail closes for the season!
Posted the March Pro News in the Private WhiteTail section
The Mayo's advice for beginning snowboarding

Fixed some links

March 15 Tax day is approaching - get your forms here. Whitetail is scheduled to close on 3/18.
Posted AASI Level One Exam notes.
March 14 Another new pic of the week from Steamboat - Valley view
Fixed the Sports on Canvas link. Posted some weather links. has ski specific weather, but an annoying entry. Good maps of where resorts are within a region.
Canadian Weather
National Weather Service - scroll down to the winter storm watches by state - Your tax $$ at work!
March 5  Another new pic of the week from Steamboat - Cruiser run!
March 1 has race results, race schedules and athlete profiles.
February 24 Another new pic of the week from Steamboat - FRESHIES!
February 16 Another new pic of the week from Steamboat  - trees and bumps
The sports on canvas commercial site is up. Buy a painting today!
February13 Another new pic of the week from Steamboat  - fresh pow
New avalanche info links = Colorado Information Center has Colorado forecasts and reports.  Canadian Avalanche Association - great Canadian info. European avalanche info is great if you know the local languages (reports only)
February 5 Rob Butler's tips - these are good and have animated gifs
Pontiac World of Skiing / Skier's World
Eskimo words for snow
February 2 Another new pic of the week from Steamboat - a tree skiing Rusty
January 29 Posted the January Pro News in the private Whitetail section. Ask Rusty for access.
January 26 A new pic of the week from Steamboat
January 19 Sidestep is a new search engine for finding travel deals. You need to download software for this.
Ski Plateau (is a ski shop in Annapolis)
January 18 Get the 5 day forecast  specific to a resort. New picture of the week on the ski page.
January 10 - solves the time zone problem

New picture of the week on the ski pageA ski simulator? Conference boards dedicated to skiing: Paula's Ski Lovers

January 7 Added Whitetail info to the private section and updated the ITC information.
January 3 Added a tip on short turns
January 1, 2001 Updated Whitetail news. The NASTAR program has been replaced with a pay per run timed race course.

New picture of the week on the ski page

December 25, 2000 BF Riders has a history of snowboarding and an USASA event schedule. They also have a contest for submitting your own board pics.
Rusty likes Lito Tejada-Flores "breakthrough" series of ski instruction.

Posted tip#54 in the tips from Rusty series (move the hip to the inside tip)
Posted xmas pics from Whitetail
Posted more informational links on the main page.

December 22 Posted 2000 Snow Pro Jam notes
The best Whitetail weather forecast
AJ Kitt had a set of FAST exercises for building ski skills. (but now [2006] his site is gone )
Posted a new picture of the week.
Added the Google search link. You can now search the Rusty!.
Added a cool java applet on the ski page.
December 21 Posted notes from Rossi Cut University in the ski pro private section.
Updated the Whitetail news page to reflect Rusty's experience with the new rental equipment.
December 20 Found another link for renting skis and boards online at (colorado only).
The Freeskier section of the ski moguls travel site has a good online interface for travel deals and lots of places to choose from. The Freeskier site is a place for people who like big AIR!  They've got a full site with contests, conditions links, stuff to buy, photos, etc.
Tip#53 about dealing with dry skin on the tips from Rusty page. has more info about snow blades (aka ski boards).
Added that cool Google search link on the front page.
December 18 Back from the Snow Pro Jam - new picture of the week posted.
December 7 12/7 Pandas arrive at the National Zoo.

12/8 - Whitetail reopens for the season

Ski the "back woods" of Canada on the MagikBus - check out their Powder week (Rusty says this looks way cool).

See the Space Station with your naked eyes! (be patient, it's slow)

December 3 Scott Serfas used to have cool snowboard photos. David Benedek has videos and composite stills of snowboard tricks (but close the video windows or they will hang your PC).
December 1 Updated the Whitetail private area.
November 28 Outdoor Pro Link is a buying club for full time pros. Membership is free for now and vendors are somewhat limited (9 clothing and gear vendors). Discounts are around 45% off retail. (it's dead now)

Planet Outdoors has the Avalung and a good selection of radios, probe poles and shovels, etc. and telemark gear too.

Sitour is a marketing company that runs festivals and creates Panorama trail map signs.

Cleaned up some broken links.

November 26 Posted the latest Whitetail Snow Pro News in a private section for Whitetail pros. Get the link from ski school people. 
November 24 Posted Whitetail opening day pics in the ski gallery. Only the beginner trails and Snow Park were open, but it was a great day!
November 23 Whitetail opens on 11/24! Yes, yes, yes - it's so sweet!
Learn to ski for $15 at Whitetail until 12/23!
November 22 Whitetail may open on 11/24!? New pic of the week
Peak Ski
has stylish clothing, housewares, olympic cheering bells and padded shorts!
Get your sick AOL buddy icons here
Fixed some broken links.
Online shopping - Altrec has a good selection of probe poles and brand name skis at full retail price and Salomon, Osin, Limited and Option snowboards.
November 19 Updated the Whitetail pro page. Posetd ITC photos.
November 17 Added Whitetail Pro clinic info (now in the private area). Updated Whitetail news about the First Class bounce back program.
The December 2000 issue of skiing has a good article on ski safety. Survey says 22% of reported ski injuries involve knee sprains (i.e. ACL tears). ACL tears are more likely than broken legs were in 1973. The risk of ACL tears averages  once every 2,100 ski days. Vermont Ski Safety has the best info on preventing ACL tears and a cool video. Ski boarders have an extremely low rate of ACL tears, but are at as much risk of a broken leg as skiers were in 1973. 0.26 out of 100,000 people die while skiing each year Based on participation, riding in a car is 34 times more likely to cause death. Hunting is about as dangerous as skiing. Swimming is slightly more dangerous.
Make your own snow! ($3,000)
Added a couple of travel links - Ski-Europe says they are comprehensive, but their list of destinations, while nice, does not begin to cover all the options. Rusty likes the Coloradoskiing site (plus they have last minute package deals!) (link died)
FairFax Surf Shop (has new and used snowboards) (link died)
November 14 Added a link for snow pros - Hyperchange Cafe - "Where snowpros find food for thought."
November 12 Updated the ski pic of the week!
November 10 More pics in the ski gallery
November 5 A couple of new pics in the ski gallery and some clean up. Rusty met up with Dave King from Last Frontier Ranch in Palmer, Alaska (a heli ski operation). Wanna be a guide? He's hiring!
October 29 Whitetail news updates - FLASH! Learn to Ski or Snowboard package is just $15 at Whitetail through December 22, 2000. If you like it, buy your ticket for next trip before you leave for just $29 (vs $62). Late night ski nights will be 12/31, 1/20, 2/3 and 3/3.
October 24 Snowboard tours does last minute bargains and customized packages to big name resorts. (now maps to - ho hum)
October 23 Updated Whitetail news (there will be booze!). Rusty introduces the Whitetail golf gallery.
October 19 See the diving pelicans movie. Fixed broken links. Added new links: Winter driving (FEMA has good preparation and emergency tips.  Cogan has got some good driving tips. Click and clack have great tips with a sense of humor too.) Snowblown had all the snowboard tricks and beginner help - but it's been blow away. Rusty loves Tognar's tuning tips. They've got a ton of tuning supplies. Speaking of Warren Miller, check out the trailer button for his new movie. BuySkis has got great deals on last years models. Amtrak has ski trips (out of date - see travel page for new Amtrak links) by train.
October 14 Added a link to Ski Center (DC Ski shop). OnTheSnow has conditions reports and heli info. Updated the Whitetail news and Whitetail pro news pages.
October 12 The Conference Room looks a little nicer now.
October 11 FLASH! Mount Everest has been poached! Watch the video clip from the top. (site has been retired). The Ski Gallery is starting to take shape.
October 7 Fixed or noted some broken links. Fixed titles on pages. CNN and Sports Illustrated have a combined site that has racing results. Explore has stories about adventurous places to ski.(removed)
October 6 Added ski show events where Rusty will be in the Whitetail booth - stop by and say hi!. General house cleaning. Fixed links and worked on cosmetics. Added Eternal Snow snowboard catalog link. Added AOL Instant Messenger information. The store has been started  -boy is it crude! The conference board is up and it's crude too.
October 4 Updated Whitetail news and Whitetail Pro news
October 1 Added more San Diego photos. Added stuff to the Indoor Skydiving page. 
September 29 Updated the buy links page - Al's ski barn has improved their online purchase site. What's that Harold Harb guy up to? Direct Parallel Association It's controversial, so the least you can do is read up on them.
September 28 Hey Snowboarders -> Ride logs! (tips link is gone now)
September 27 Added a photo gallery with San Diego photos.
September 22 Added Fitness links; Ava Lung; Teach skiing or snowboarding at Whitetail - we have days for the Instructor Training Clinic!
September 21 Added links: Sportube has hard cases (with wheels!) for ski gear. New links on the Travel page. Throttlebox had ski and snowboard videos, but you need to download the viewer and you need a high speed connection (and now they are gone). You got to be a nut to try a Sno-Bike. (evidently not too many nuts - this is dead)
September 20 Updated ski links for new 2000 information. Posted links for new sites for ski magazine and skiing magazine and Breeze Online Ski Rentals. Reviewed a new purchase site called skitrader (mostly lame). Updated the helmet tip with new info. Finished editing the PSIA-E Region 4 meeting minutes.
September 19 Added a guest book. Polished a little here and there. Moved over more Snow Pro Stuff
September 17 Put up the SnowTV page. The Snow Flakes page has the miscellaneous ski stuff from the old EROLS site. Starting to move the "pro" stuff. Posted a draft of the PSIA-E Region 4 meeting minutes.
September 15 Fixed the Racing Links page, Added tipping info, Posted the Travel and Adventure page
September 13 OOooooOO - Halloween links (removed - outdated! The ski page continues to grow with Racing and Tuning info and Health and Safety info and Snow Pro links
September 1, 2000 The Rusty winks into existence. It's all brand new. Well, except for the stuff ported over from my old site.

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